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Windows 8.1 Enterprise is available as a 90-day trial download -

start screen Preview of Windows 8.1 Microsoft has the imaginary enterprise 8.1 Enterprise version of Windows made available for download . It is available as 32 – and 64-bit version prior to 90 days and can be tested for free. A Microsoft account and install the Akamai Download Manager NetSession interface are required for the default download. It supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS X 10.4. To activate the trial version is up to 31 October 2014 possible, the product key is not required. Meanwhile, the direct download links are known, so there is no need to download the registration and installation of the download manager.

Almost a year after the introduction of Windows 8 Microsoft brings the version 8.1 to the market. For Windows 8 users the update is free. Windows 8.1 brings back the start button. However, its function is very different from that of his predecessor. It brings back not the traditional Start menu and its short paths to programs and files, but simply leads only to the new tile home screen, which Microsoft had introduced with Windows eighth Therefore likely to tools like Classic Shell, including the Start Button Start Menu realize remain popular. Windows 8.1 also allows direct booting back into the traditional desktop mode.

 Windows 8.1: Tiles are manifest in three sizes (screenshot Windows 8.1: Tiles are manifest in three sizes (screenshot


Windows To Go Creator IT departments can create a fully manageable by the Company Windows desktop on a bootable USB stick. Microsoft wants to meet the BYOD outlook and not permanently give employees access to the corporate network without compromising security. Start with Screen Control the layout of the home screen is to be determined on the PCs of employees to approximately ensure that critically important apps are always easily accessible. At the same time, users can be prevented from adaptations to their home screens to bring about a consistent experience in working groups or the entire company.

DirectAccess allows users to resources on a corporate network access, without having to launch a separate VPN. Conversely, it allows administrators to update the computer by remote users with changed policies and software updates. BranchCache provides for caching of files, websites, and other content to spare employees and offices multiple downloads.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides users a more versatile desktop experience and powerful 3D graphics, they can also use in VDI scenarios and Touch USB peripheral devices over network types across (LAN or WLAN). Microsoft relies on improvements in this RemoteFX and Windows Server 2012.

AppLocker is to strengthen limited access rights to files and applications, the security of devices and the data stored there. Windows Enterprise Side-Loading finally allowed the side-loading internal corporate apps on domain PCs and tablets with Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

direct download links:


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