Friday, November 1, 2013

iPad Air: wait three days to have an hour earlier - NEWS

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Friday 01 November 2013

New Macbook Air you can easily order online since this morning. Apple has you covered, with supply shortages are not expected. Phil Gesierich would therefore also stay at home and enjoy his vacation. Instead, the 22-year-old camped for three days in front of the Apple Store.

There is enough for everyone: Delivery problems are not for sale. There is enough for everyone: Delivery problems are not for sale (Photo: Klaus Wedekind).

New Macbook Air

is there – and Phil Gesierich from Berlin Heller village is one of the first buyers that hold it in your hands. Since Tuesday, the 22-year-old has held the position before the Berlin Apple Store. Today he was allowed to occur at 8 clock in the morning the first technology Temple and take the tablet at reception. Before he can deal with the toy, Gesierich must sleep well now. The time worker who has spent the last few days in a camping chair, with fatigue could barely stand on his feet.

from the nearby supermarket Gesierich had been supplied with the essentials – beer, meatballs and cola. An iPad and an iPhone helped against boredom, three jackets and a thick blanket against the cold. During the pee breaks at the Apple Store jumped friend a.

Exhausted but happy: Air Berlin's first iPad-owners. Exhausted but happy: Berlin’s first . IPad Air-owner (Photo: Klaus Wedekind)

necessary, the long patience was not. It was not until Wednesday night was the young man company of a group of Russians and even on Friday morning, the crowd was relatively straightforward – at least for Apple dimensions. On Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm waiting for information from the “Berliner Morgenpost” about 150 to 200 prospective buyers before the Apple store two hours earlier than usual, opened its doors. At the launch of the iPhone 5S end of September, the snake was still 800 meters long.

Russians buy in Berlin

The waiting had to leave because of a discovery case their short positions. The waiting had their places at short notice due discovery of a suitcase vacate . (Photo: kwe)

Many of the customers in Berlin come from Eastern Europe. One reason is that there is an Apple Store either in Russia or in Poland or Ukraine, Berlin and Dresden are still there the next. Since the summer, Apple sold online in Russia, after all, but there will start selling the iPad later.

German Apple Store since this morning, however, the iPad is air available, prices range from 479 euros for the 16 GB Wifi version up to 869 euros for the 128 GB model that used in the mobile phone network can be. The New iPad Mini with Retina display is still to have on-site online either through the Apple Store. It will come in the course of November.

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  • Update: Some three hours after the start of sales had to leave their places in the queue, the waiting customers in Berlin. Reason was an abandoned suitcase, which had appeared in the vicinity of the building. The police moved in to investigate the luggage. Meanwhile, the road was blocked off and a half hours. Who was in the Apple store, had to stay there also. Meanwhile, the sale has started again. A craftsman had left accidentally toolbox.


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