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Economics: Economics Nobel Prize goes to three U.S. researchers - Times Online

Americans Eugene F. Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller received the Nobel Prize in Economics. They have explored how to develop asset prices.

Robert Shiller Robert Shiller | © Stanislav Jenis / dpa

researcher Eugene F. Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert J. Shiller received the Nobel Prize in Economics. This was announced by the Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. They were honored for their research in the development of asset prices.

The award is valued at the equivalent of 930,000 euros (8 million crowns). The Nobel Prize in Economics is awarded only since 1969 and is not due to the will of the prize founder Alfred Nobel, however, is awarded by the same procedure as the Nobel prizes for medicine, physics and chemistry.


Each year between 200 and 300 nominations are submitted in each category. Last year the award went to the American economist Alvin E. Roth and Lloyd S. Shapley. The Academy honored the scientists for their research on market design and its theory of “stable distributions” from.


German winner in 1994 of the Bonn game theorists Reinhard Selten. Elinor Ostrom is the only woman who has received the award so far.

In recent days, already the Nobel Peace Prize as well as the awards for medicine, physics, chemistry and literature were announced. The Nobel Prize in Economics is awarded on 10 December in Stockholm.

Click here to read an interview, Robert Shiller, ZEIT ONLINE, where in November 2012.

The Nobel Prizes
Click on the image for reports about the Nobel Prize. Click on the image for reports about the Nobel Prize. | © Berit Roald / AFP / Getty Images

the Nobel Prize Foundation, the Swedish researchers and industrialist Alfred Nobel wanted (1833-1896) resolve a conflict that marked his life: The inventor of dynamite could not take it that his discovery was used for the war.

committed pacifist finally bequeathed his fortune to a foundation . The interest from this fund should prices for those who “have proved the greatest benefits in the previous year of mankind” .

Nobel Prize juries, however, are gone over years, if not decades, to be seen to give prices. The reason given is that it is often not as rapidly clear whether such a power is actually of great importance in order to honor them with a Nobel Prize.

doping and ceremony

your way to a medal

Learn by clicking on the image, you have to do to win a Nobel Prize Learn by clicking on the image, you have to do to win a Nobel Prize | © Sabine Hecher

Prizes will be awarded

since 1901 . The doping increased from the initial 150,800 Swedish crowns in recent years to ten million crowns (about one million euros). From 2012 is the sum were down by 20 percent in order to continue to finance the work of the Foundation. So the price is now with eight million crowns doped equivalent of around 940,000 euros .

Up to three people can share an academic price. The Nobel Peace Prize is also awarded to organizations.

death of Alfred Nobel, the 10 December , the awards will be presented formally. The honorees receive a certificate and the golden medal with the portrait of the founder. In addition, fill the accounts of Excellence with the prize money , which must be taxed. If there are multiple winners in a category, it will be divided.


addition to the actual Nobel Prizes will be awarded ceremony of Economics in Memory of Alfred Nobel since 1969. It was donated by the Bank of Sweden in 1968.

Since 1980, the “Foundation for the award real life” award (Right Livelihood Award Foundation) the Right Livelihood Awards , which are often referred to as the alternative Nobel prizes .

The winners for physics and chemistry are always of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences , the medicine from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and the literature prize winner of the Royal Swedish Academy of the Arts selected.

Peace Prize Winner determined Committee of the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo.

announcement 2013

Traditionally, every year in October first announced the honorees in the category of medicine / physiology, followed by physics, chemistry, literature, peace, and the winners of the award the Bank of Sweden in honor of Alfred Nobel.

winners 2013 Overview:

Physiology or Medicine : How Cells transport substances – that there was the ceremony

. Physics : Won the prophets of the Higgs particle. Just so does the world view of mass and matter.

chemistry : The biochemistry of the body to simulate nano level. The software behind it is worth a Nobel Prize.

literature : The Canadian writer Alice Munro has led the short story a new meaning

. peace : The destruction of chemical weapons – not only in Syria – the OPCW inspectors have taken up the cause


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