Saturday, October 26, 2013

Firefox Add-On Surf visualized Tracking - Heise Newsticker

Who wants to know which pages remain in everyday surfing traces, which can be visually display the Firefox extension of the Light Beam. Light Beam is a successor to collusion and was provided as part of the Mozilla Festival for download.

extension evaluates the cookies stored and prepares the data graphically. In a separate Firefox tab Lightbeam shows then pass on what pages use data to third parties. Additionally shows the extension where the respective web servers are.

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The graphical representation of cookies shows the linking of individual pages with third parties. enlarge

After installation calls Lightbeam in Firefox via “Go Light beam ‘in Tools menu. Except as graphic can Lightbeam view the collected data as a list and optionally sorted by time. Filters filter on request in the graphical view individual objects, such as third party websites or blocked pages.

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in the list view you can block domains including their subdomains. enlarge

Among other things, this

block specific pages is different from the previous Lightbeam collusion. In the list view can select individual websites and block. Once a site is blocked, Firefox loads of the affected domain and all its subdomains no more data.


Light Beam is for all who have switched off the creation of the Chronicle in Firefox. Because then fall to no evaluable data. Information from private tabs Lightbeam can only tap when it is open while surfing. (bae)

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