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12 October 2013 09:43

E-mail: The German Telekom wants certain messages not caught by the NSA

. (photo: dpa )

protection monitoring: The German Telekom reportedly plans to leave within German sent emails no longer run on foreign nodes in the future. This “German internet” could even be later extended to Western Europe.

The German Telekom wants to reduce Internet traffic over the United States and Britain to protect their customers against espionage by the local intelligence services. To this end, the company compatible with all major business partners in this country, that e-mails and other information exchange will be led only through hubs in Germany, said Telecoms Data Protection Officer Thomas Kremer newspaper Rheinische Post .

currently taking such packets even at domestic connections often having to use Internet nodes in the U.S. and the UK. The security of this very foreign transmission paths was advised by revelations of computer experts into disrepute Edward Snowden, who had brought the systematic monitoring of Internet communications and international phone calls by the U.S. NSA and its British counterpart to light.

already taken dozens of agreements

information Business Week , Telekom therefore introduced on 1 October at a secret meeting at the Federal Ministry of Economics and their technical response to the revelations before. “Internet traffic knows no boundaries, data can be routed to the whole world,” Kremer said now the Rheinische Post . “If transmitter and receiver are in Germany but we want to ensure that the Internet traffic is now also in Germany.” Such agreements have already been concluded with several dozen network operators.

“German internet” should be as fast as possible include all Western countries in continental Europe: “If we in Germany have shown that we can transport German domestic mails and other information purely national, that should be possible for the Schengen countries”, Kremer added with a view to the European area without border controls stationary, at which Britain is not involved.

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  • source and adapted by: AFP / jasch

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