Friday, October 18, 2013

Alternative App for Dropbox - Heise Newsticker

new iPhone app Boxie Dropbox offers users an alternative to in-house iOS app of the cloud service. In addition to the usual access to all parked on the Dropbox servers files Boxie offers a number of additional features: users can view older versions of each file and then restore it deliberately – the way usually requires visiting and can be on mobile devices only use awkward or non-specific apps. Moreover Boxie can already view deleted files within a folder and this also restore.

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Boxie can access the Dropbox version control  enlarge

Dropbox client dominates also drag and drop, which (individual) can be grabbed files and then move your finger to the desired destination. Folder open when you can relax and briefly with the file on it. Boxie supports a range of sharing ways to share individual files and can notify Dropbox activities, upon request by iOS notification when the app is in the background.

The introductory price of the app is just 1.80 euros, it requires at least iOS 7.0. An adaptation for the iPad as well as the German localization are still pending. (lbe)

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