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132 grams less – that was really surprising Apple’s innovation in product performance on Tuesday night. 132 grams lighter is the new iPad Air than the comparable predecessor model. The reduced to 469 grams weight of the 9.7-inch tablet is immediately apparent when you take it in hand. That the iPad Air is two millimeters thinner, on the other hand you do not notice the same.

Already at short

playing around with some test equipment following the presentation was struck by how pleasant the iPad Air feels. The less weight is likely a more significant effect on mobility and maybe even make a computer to take away from the coffee machine.

quick enough, the iPad Air for now anyway. In combination with the new versions of apps like iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand (optimized for 64-bit system), no difference is noticeable to desktop computers. One can imagine that now seriously to cut even videos. The borrowed from the iPhone 5s A7 chip does a great job here.

It is amazing that Apple has barely taken out of the chip something of the art of the new iPhone. Neither the 8-megapixel camera with slow motion even touch the fingerprint sensor ID can be found in the iPad Air Just as quickly as the great: iPad Mini

Surprisingly, however, the dramatic reconstruction of the iPad mini is advised. In the small Apple tablet now puts the same technique as in the large iPad. An A7 processor, the iPad mini also urgently needed. Because on the previous model runs, for example, the current operating system iOS 7 very sedate.

that the mini iPad now offers the same performance as the larger model, should also be related to the resolution of the display. The main novelty of the mini is its high-resolution Retina display. With 2048 x 1536 pixels, it also shows how many pixels on the screen of the iPad Air A less powerful processor would be overwhelmed with this task. In direct comparison, no difference between the two devices was noticeable about the operation with GarageBand. For users who like to take their tablet, the iPad mini is the better choice in the future – and also cheaper than its major counterpart

. only warm air

addition to the iPad is the new Mac Pro the most interesting Apple model launch. Blinded by the success of the iMac, the Group has for years neglected the professional user and certainly lost some customers. The new tubular-designed Mac Pro could reverse this trend. Firstly, because it offers a lot of power for a surcharge. Secondly, because he makes good on designer desks, and finally, because it is easy to extend. Flash memory and hard drive are easily accessible from the outside, on the back are four USB and six Thunderbolt jacks for connecting hardware.

is amazing that this machine is almost silent, even though inside slave server processors. A single large and therefore slow running fan is enough to cool the system quiet even under full load. We have the basis of a professional 3-D software to test their use only that caused the air flowing out of the device was a bit warmer.

software? Free

it was really hot at the Apple event on Tuesday evening, but always, when it comes to software. But the announcement that the new Mac OS X Mavericks will be distributed free of charge, should have earned the company plenty of sympathy points. Basically, the update runs on many computers manufactured after 2007 unless it is at least OS X 10.6 installed. Although Microsoft also distributes the latest Windows 8.1 free of charge. But Microsoft allows you to install 8.1. but on computers with Windows 8, and not also under Windows XP.

notice to distribute the new Mac operating system for free, was the real surprise of the Apple event. This shows Apple, that it’s not so important strategists Group, a fee-based operating system upgrade to increase sales.

important it is obvious Apple to retain customers and tightly integrated system of Apple hardware, software and online shops.

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