Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Photo shows alleged iPhone 5 with fingerprint scanner - ZDNet.de

Apple’s iPad

5 as the iPhone 5S come with a fingerprint sensor. Claiming a Chinese blog, which can also show an alleged photo of the device. However, it turns out to be bad grainy.

Alleged iPhone 5 (Picture: ctechcn.com )

The image at ctechcn.com shows part of a tablet-like device with a home button, which acts much like the iPhone 5S. In the smartphone this component contains the required for the recognition of the fingerprint sensor. Whether it really is the next iPad 5 is impossible to determine.


already had a video from Unbox Therapy notes that the “Touch ID” sensor of the iPhone 5S fits exactly into the recess date for Apple produced glass covers. The previously used for iPads Home button adds the other hand, supposedly no longer a.

whether the photo is genuine and the rumor is true, the world is expected to have 22 Learn of October. On this date, the next Apple product launch is expected. So far, however, no announcements have been sent. These days should this happen.

The fingerprint sensor next to the 64-bit chip Apple A7 has been traded as the only real innovation of the iPhone 5S. He has also pulled a few true and false announcements by competitors like Samsung and HTC to be. Even a hacker competition dealt with the authentication fingers. And example Paypal sees such biometric log-in techniques as future of mobile devices to.

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