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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple is in the defensive struggle on Free Software

With the iPad Air and the new iPad Mini, Apple braces against the resurgent tablet competition. And surprised with a new software philosophy: The Group begins to give away programs


With the iPad Air and the new Apple iPad mini battles against the resurgent tablet competition. And surprised with a new software philosophy: The Group begins to give away programs. From


Apple succeeds for several years not to keep secrets really secret. To get the very numerous Asian suppliers of the Group to chatting. But when Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday morning in San Francisco – Tuesday evening German time – came on the scene, he still had some surprises in the luggage. This included the name of Apple’s next tablet: iPad Air to say it


The device, which brought the tablet boom the world has slimmed down properly. It only weighs just 470 grams, making it a good quarter with 7.5 millimeters become lighter and 20 percent thinner than its predecessor. Although it with the A7 chip – makes his service in the iPhone 5S – has also become even faster, it should nevertheless continue to last ten hours


Even Apple has updated the iPad Mini. How the iPad has great, also get the small device Apple’s latest generation of chips – and a Retina display with high resolution. So Apple is likely to keep the Christmas season its competitors at bay. The new iPad is great from 1 November sold, the iPad Mini is to follow in November


headwind for Apple as strong as ever

Although Apple still greater than manufacturer leading the tablet market, the Group has never had before so much headwind. All major competitors have already set in place. This is hardly surprising, but the tablet is now become a mass product, which arouses desires.

early as next year will be sold according to figures from market research firm Gartner, worldwide more than 260 million tablets. While this number is rapidly increasing, the manufacturers of computers can strike fewer devices.

Only recently, the high-tech association Bitkom has raised its forecast for Germany for three million pieces. The Germans will therefore buy in this year, eight million tablets, last year there were five million. In particular, the trend towards smaller and therefore cheaper tablets seems more and more buyers to convince.

market share falls below 50 percent in 2013

Apple also it reacts now. While the iPad Mini with Retina display in the wifi version with 16 gigabytes of storage will be for 389 euros more expensive than the previous model, but also the predecessor is sold – for 289 euros. Although there are many competitors with many devices even below this price, but not as much as before.

Apple’s competitors are traveling with varying degrees of success. But overall they are likely to overtake the Gartner figures this year Apple’s iPad when for the first time more tablets running Google’s Android operating system are sold.

Apple’s market share is declining steadily. In 2011 he was still at 65 percent this year, less than half of all tablet will be sold an iPad from Apple.

new operating system called Mavericks

Microsoft has previously suffered with his own first Surface tablet a setback and had to write off $ 900 million on unsold units. Since Tuesday, the Group now its second generation of tablets sold with faster chips and better battery life.

Whether this is enough to secure a place in the Microsoft tablet world is questionable. At least Nokia has come to the group on Tuesday to help and has presented its first tablet, which also runs the software from Microsoft.

Unlike Apple Microsoft and Nokia promote their devices as notebook replacement. The step, Apple is not gone. On Tuesday, the Group made even new MacBook Pros before, now again be driven by Intel’s Haswell processor.

Since the chip is less power hungry, keep the Apple notebooks by now considerably longer. At the same time Apple announced the launch of its new computer operating system Mavericks, which transfers some functions from the iPad and iPhone to the Mac world, including the iBooks bookstore and card program maps. Mavericks is now available.

Google and Amazon are dangerous competitors

After Apple gave a preview of his professional computer Mac Pro back in June, the group called on Tuesday a lot of technical details. The computer in the cylinder design is to come later this year in the stores.

Despite Apple also noticed the restraint in the purchase of computers and is likely to emphasize this coming Monday at the presentation of the balance sheet numbers again. Long since the iPad has become the second most important revenue driver of the Group after the iPhone. The new generation of the iPad is likely to reinforce this trend.

While Apple has not been too much to fear from Microsoft, Google and Amazon, the Group could be dangerous. Google sells its Nexus tablet with great success. And Amazon starts in November with its Kindle Fire HDX, which come in two sizes and have high-resolution screens and fast processors, but are much cheaper than Apple’s iPad.

Samsung has now adjusted to the best mass market and provides Tablets in almost all the screen sizes of seven to 10.1 inches. No other manufacturer is able to offer a similarly wide range.

Apple has understood what is required

With horror, but competitors such as Microsoft should respond to Apple’s new software pricing philosophy, which was one of the surprises of Tuesday: Apple is simply gone over to give his programs. ” / p>

Neither the Mavericks new system for Mac computers nor the revised office suite iWork or iLife applications also renewed – which the photo application iPhoto and iMovie video editing program belong – will in future still cost something. By comparison, Microsoft sold its office software office with e-mail program Outlook for 270 euros. The operating system Windows 8 will cost 120 euros.

in the number of apps Apple is far outpaces its competitors. Solely for the iPad the AppStore ready 475,000 applications that are optimized for the tablet. In-store android Google Play it, according to market researcher Canalys few tens of thousands.

Thus, half of the 50 most successful iPad apps are available for Android tablets and not optimized, including applications such as GoodReader or games like Words with Friends, Bejeweled and Fruit Ninja.

it is

The more technically Apple’s competitors approach the iPhone and iPad Group, the more important for Apple to differ in the applications. On Tuesday, the group has made it clear that he understands this.

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