Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Apple event in the log: Extremely thin and light as a feather: The first pictures ... - ABC Online

Nokia has presented this morning, now follows the response of the industry leader: In his presentation, Apple wants to put the world through its new iPad generation to marvel – a success is important to the competition sits the leader in neck

. 17.04 Clock: If you wanted to stop by again soon at the Apple Store shortly before the event, is currently located just of a filthy gray boxes: “We are updating the offer” , it says. What be included for exciting new devices there probably just the offer?

16.51 Clock: Unlike the presentation of the iPhone 4 is the current venue, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple has come full circle: even the first iPad was introduced in January 2010 in the center of the world public – then still of Steve Jobs tonight at 19.00 German time clock Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stage. ” / strong>

16.32 Clock:
The presentation of the new generation iPad is almost to the day, a year after the launch of iPad 4 – on 23 October 2012 was unveiled the device at the time

16.09 clock.

But not only from Nokia Apple got to feel headwind today, the successor to Microsoft’s Surface Tablet geflopptem RT today celebrated its market launch : own Windows Tablets Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are now available in 21 countries

15.53 clock.

A total of six new Nokia devices presented this morning in Abu Dhabi – including the Lumia 2520 also the first Windows 8.1 tablet. Tonight now follows Apple’s response. expected to be above all a great iPad gala. FOCUS Online is live for you here.

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