Friday, October 25, 2013

Attack on Spotify: Later this year: YouTube brings its own music service - ABC Online

YouTube will launch a competing service to Spotify before year end. Unlike the Swedes Google’s daughter wants to offer her services also videos. The free offer is restricted – who would use anything to pay

The video sharing website YouTube plans to launch a music service similar to Spotify by year end.. This was reported by the music portal “” two days ago. The music service should include two different price levels – a free and premium access. It was expected that the paid access would cost about 10 U.S. dollars per month, the equivalent of 7.20 euros.

Launch later this year

According to “” the free service should allow unrestricted access to the full songs on all platforms – including mobile. The premium service would also listen to music offline and allow the shutdown of advertising. YouTube had the plans but so far do not want to comment. A spokesman said only: “We are always working on new and better ways by which users can take YouTube content on all screens to complete, and working to provide our partners with more opportunities to reach their fans.” Currently there is no news that you would announce

. Though the timing of the launch is not yet stand, YouTube had loudly proclaimed “” to want to offer the new service later this year. The license rights have largely been resolved by the parent company Google, which this year have reached agreements with Warner Music Group in March and later with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. The agreement was both Google’s All Access service, as well as a YouTube music service affected.

advertising interests as background

According to “” YouTube tried using the service, to win for promotional purposes more users for its mobile platform. A bespoke Premium option will give the company also far more opportunities to sell music with far fewer restrictions. The launch of YouTube’s music service could be done in the context of a larger change in the mobile YouTube app. This should allow users with a much simpler user interface easier listening to music, creating playlists and watch videos simultaneously.

YouTube is directed with its music service to the interests of an increasingly younger audience, according to the YouTube “” already been used as a kind of free jukebox. YouTube had not yet found a way to offer a service that justifies a fee of 10 U.S. dollars (about 7.20 euros) per month. That could change with the new music service.

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