Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ara with interchangeable modules: Motorola launches project for modular ... - ABC Online

phone pioneer Motorola experimenting with smartphones based on the modular principle. When Ara Project is a phone plugged together from different modules.

div processor, display, keypad, sensors and other components can be combined and exchanged, as the Google-owned subsidiary Motorola said in a blog post late Monday. Ara is an open and free platform: “We want to create in hardware what Android has achieved in software.” That Google’s Android operating system has become the dominant force in the smartphone market, partly because it is open to different manufacturers A similar concept like Motorola had already submitted in the summer, the Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. He wants his design study Phonebloks move the industry to develop a plug-smartphone on the modular principle. So far Phonebloks is supported by almost one million Internet users, but of no significant smartphone manufacturer.

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