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NEW YORK, September 29, 2014

– Cheng Kin Ming built the first vertically integrated supply chain for clean energy to

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2014 / PRNewswire / – – Cheng Kin Ming, whose recent investments are estimated in solar company to a value of nearly 20 billion – making it the world’s largest private investor in clean technologies – for the first time publicly about his strategy, global change manifested towards green cities to accelerate. He pursues the approach to identify the world’s best complementary companies in the field of clean technologies and to create entire supply chains across a variety of industries to implement integrated solutions of immense magnitude

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Herr Cheng, founder and chairman of the Hong Kong-based Asia Pacific Resources Development Investment (APRD), today in New York on the occasion of the event The Next Generation Solar PV Finance (solar PV funding the next generation) his vision of era of green cities ( Age of Green Cities) before. On Tuesday, he participates in the summit hosted by Goldman Sachs Clean Energy, the Clean Energy EcoSummit in Silicon Valley part.

“Renewable energy offers the people and Mother Earth a more beautiful future. Investors and entrepreneurs should focus on this industry, “said Mr. Cheng.” By investing in companies that offer common solutions, cities can make their growth and consumption of resources re. Moreover, we can provide a high quality of life for us and future reach generations. “

Mr. Cheng, who is also known under the name Zheng Jianming, and APRD focus on long-term investments in solutions for low-carbon cities. In November 2012, he acquired 30 percent of Shunfeng Photovoltaic International Ltd. .. Thanks to his support, Shunfeng was quickly in the world’s largest companies for integrated renewable energy convert from the developer and operator of solar systems and resources to develop, design, manufacture, construction, financing, provide insurance, operation and maintenance, energy storage, and solar products and applications available.

With its current investments, Mr. Cheng focuses on complete supply chains across multiple vertical levels, the integrated solutions for efficiency, cost control and technologies for to provide the market. He currently invests in companies in three complementary business areas: production of renewable energy, such as solar modules and inverters,. . Energy storage and management, such as batteries or heat pump; and environmentally friendly solutions such. example, electric vehicles and LED products.

Shunfeng Mr. Cheng has invested in several companies to provide renewable energy. These include: Suntech, a leading global manufacturer of photovoltaic modules for residential, commercial, industrial and utility applications; Sunways, a leading German manufacturer of solar inverters, solar power and SAG, a German provider of high quality photovoltaic systems. Likewise, Mr. Cheng has invested in TCNT, which accelerates the generation of energy from sea water. It is the declared goal of Mr. Cheng, from renewable energy use in the next ten years, more than 50 gigawatts of installed capacity -. Enough energy to power more than 37 million households

APRD holds shares in the following company for energy storage: powin Energy, a US-based company that grid-like storage systems are developed and used; Boston Power, a US-based manufacturer of extensive battery systems for electric vehicles, and Nobao Renewable Energy Holdings, the leading provider of fully integrated energy systems in China.

To bring smart consumer decisions to save energy and reduce costs , APRD invested in different companies that are paving the way for new consumer technologies. These include Lattice Power, a Chinese provider of affordable, high-performance LED bulbs, and Green Wheel Electric Vehicles, one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of electric vehicles in China.

For more information, see the APRD website.

About APRD

About APRD

Asia Pacific Resources Development Investment (APRD) was founded by Cheng Kin Ming and is a non-listed company that identifies the world’s best clean tech company for production, storage, distribution, operation and maintenance of energy and integrated – and combines them into a sophisticated solution provider for renewable energy



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