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– Leading German media service provider shall complete suite of Aspera solutions for high-speed file transfer, automation and collaboration a


AMSTERDAM , Sept. 11, 2014 / PRNewswire / – IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced at the IBC 2014 that the German media service WDR media group (WDRmg) have introduced a complete suite of solutions of the IBM company Aspera high-speed file transfer and automation to complex workflows for large volumes of digital media products of all types and formats – in its most common form known as Big Data – optimize. By accelerating its workflow and scaling its capacity is now in the WDRmg capable to process about 80 percent more video content and for its customers on video streaming platforms upload.


While consumers continue to stream media content in an unprecedented extent, expect content providers that media service providers helping them to generate revenue from the old and new content by Content for reference by streaming technologies are being prepared. The WDRmg, one of the largest integrated media service providers in Germany was, and Looking for an efficient technology to manage its complex workflows for processing content in various file formats for digitizing, archiving provision as well as its marketing and advertising services. The WDRmg is the commercial media company of the German public broadcaster WDR and also digitized older broadcast content – often in obsolete formats -. From over 40 years of broadcast history of WDR to prepare them for streaming services

Since Aspera Orchestrator is at the center of workflow management of WDRmg, the company was able to integrate its various subsystems in an extremely efficient, reliable file-processing and Deployment pipelines and get complete control of an absolutely transparent process. Thanks to the high-speed transfer technology from Aspera the WDRmg can relate the material of customers quickly and safely, process, transcode in the desired formats and is the result of various online streaming services. This power and efficiency optimization leads to the WDRmg is now much better at capable , to provide high-quality content for 15 leading video-on-demand platforms, which the material reaches a much larger audience.

“With Aspera we can now manage all processes centrally and automatically manage, leading to much more efficient processes,” explains Markus centrifugal , CEO of WDRmg digital. “files from the archive are now automatically and without delay transcoded into the desired format. Aspera solution allows us seamless delivery processes, achieved worldwide efficiently through the content video-on-demand platforms . ”

“The power and flexibility of the FASP technology from Aspera enables media companies such as the WDRmg to shorten their production cycles and automate, maintain their existing infrastructure and safe to deliver media files at the highest resolution of partners around the world – with maximum speeds and independent of the file size, the geographical distance and network conditions “ explains “Arnd Kohrs , Sales Director at Aspera.

This integrated end-to -end workflow includes automatic archiving of completed projects by IBM Archive and Essence Manager (AREMA), a management and archiving application for media files of various formats. Due to the integration of Aspera faspex get WDRmg users an intuitive and high-performance solution to work across the enterprise to large files, share them and submit. Due to the Aspera Console is also full transparency and accountability for the entire process chain ensured. Among others functions make sure how the real-time notification, logging and reporting.

At IBC 2014, the WDRmg offers visitors a better insight into the solutions that have been implemented in the company together with Aspera to handle complex workflows . Sebastian Manemann , transcoding Coordinator at WDRmg you informed on Friday, 12 September at 16:00 local time clock at the event “Powering the workflow – to insider’s look at how Aspera technology boosts WDR media group’s content management system to meet customer demands “(Venue: IBC Content Everywhere Workflow Solutions in Hall 9)

information about Aspera

. Aspera, an IBM company, is the creator of transfer technologies of the next generation, which transmit different data regardless of file size, distance and network conditions with maximum speed.’s software Aspera uses, based on the patented, which won the Emmy FASP ™ protocol of the company, the existing infrastructure optimally to ensure the fastest, most predictable data transmission. Aspera’s core technology delivers unprecedented control bandwidth, complete security and total reliability. Organizations in various industries on six continents rely on Aspera software when it comes to business critical transfer their digital property. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitterasperasoft

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