Monday, September 22, 2014

Freudenstadt: Round trip through the world of technology – Black Bote

Freudenstadt. With an impressive open day the company Schmid concluded its celebration of the 150th anniversary. About 5,000 people visited the company on Sunday in the industrial area of ​​Freudenstadt.

Many families and friends of the employees, did not want to miss the chance at once to be able to delve into the complex world of technology. Even 30 minutes before the official start of a large crowd of people had formed in front of the reception room.

commandments was a tour through workshops and on the premises, where you could take the latest products from Schmid inspected. Among them was a world first in the business field of photovoltaics: Newly developed bifacial solar cells can absorb up to 20 percent more energy in contrast to normal solar cells, because they can absorb reflection on its underside.

Competent answered questions from the staff. Fascinating insights there was also the Technology Centre TCS, in the plastics manufacturing and project management. Modern and bright offices with height adjustable worktables impressed as well as the huge marquee that had been erected in the parking lot of the premises. Both the layman as well as to the expert presented an impressive world of the five business areas Photovoltaic, Printed Circuit Board, Display and Optics, Energy Storage Systems and Industrial Solutions.

With many new impressions could then enjoy the great selection of food and beverages. Various clubs hosted both outdoors and inside the visitor. Children a variety of employment opportunities were offered.

CEO Christian Schmid was impressed by the large number of visitors. The Open Day ended the week-long anniversary celebrations, which began with two days of technology and a Vertretertag for the worldwide partner of the company. Featuring spectacular staff party on Thursday, a customer event with expert forum was held on Friday, in which more than 400 customers and suppliers of 158 companies participated. In addition to long-term customers from Asia and North America also found partners from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Russia, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico the way to Freudenstadt.

On Friday evening looked Winfried Kretschmann Prime Minister over to celebrate with a speech the merits of the company anniversary. He singled out, the versatility of the company that it had always managed to conquer the technological leadership in new markets and produce marketable innovations. Kretschmann Prime Minister also highlighted the contribution to global climate change, the Schmid Group ledge by the photovoltaic division. Other well-wishers from the policy were the members of parliament Hans-Joachmi thumb (CDU) and Saskia Esken (SPD), the member of parliament Norbert Beck (CDU) and Mayor Julian Osswald.


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