Saturday, September 13, 2014

Result of the NSA affair: HP calls for common cloud in Europe – Business Week

The US-based Hewlett-Packard is committed to a European data space. The data should not leave so the European space.

The U.S. computer maker Hewlett-Packard wants to work for a common European space data. “We advocate a European Cloud one,” said HP-Germany boss Heiko Meyer. “We should have a common data space for Developing Europe as the European Economic Area.”

In the wake of the NSA affair have several European firms for legal agreements to services and Software pronounced, access the users on the Internet (Cloud Computing). The former SAP CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe called last year European rules for data services. Ex-Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann spoke in favor of a so-called “Schengen-routing” from – Internet services, where data on the path between two points in Europe will not leave in accordance with the European borders

HP now wants to adopt the technology behind it. Under the EU research program Horizon 2020 HP had a request for a project called “Cloud 28+” filed, Meyer said. This refers to the IT company that offers besides computers and servers and IT services, a legal and technological framework for cloud services in the 28 EU member countries. On this basis, the IT group wants to create a common marketplace for cloud applications. “This will strengthen our common economic space,” says Meyer.

After a model calculation of the US-market researcher IDC on behalf of the EU Commission would such a common data space the contribution of public cloud services to gross domestic product to 250 billion increase up to 2020 €. Without the European Cloud then he would be only 88 billion euros.

In the design of the HP Internet services should be managed in local data centers according to the relevant safety requirements, said Meyer. To be connected to local deals using standards and an open operating system. “At its core, this is a European marketplace for cloud services,” said Meyer. “To be led the project of a non-profit organization.”

The fact that now, despite NSA affair and discussions about an anti-espionage Agreement things, a US-company should take care of European cloud services, the HP-Germany boss is not worth mentioning. “It does not matter that we are a company with roots in the United States,” Meyer said. HP derive commissioned by the European Commission, a project that aims to lay the foundations for privacy and security in a European cloud.

HP has a difficult period. In late July the past third quarter, the group had been able to slow its decline in sales worldwide. “The turnaround bears fruit,” Meyer said. “In Europe we have already three quarters of growth behind us.” Germany within Europe is one of the growth engines. Even in the troubled PC market HP see “a very nice growth”. HP announced the end of May, to reiterate up to up to 16,000 more jobs after previously was a loss of 34,000 jobs speech. The exact dimensions of the regions are not published as before. “For there are job cuts in Germany, no new numbers,” Meyer said.


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