Thursday, September 11, 2014

Successful Start-ups: No more queuing on the highway – Handelsblatt

Modesty is not necessarily the cause of Christian Brüggemann. “We want to become the new standard of route calculation”, is the founder of graph Masters before the goal. Given the fact saturated Navi-market is a real challenge.

But Brueggemann has bite. And so he is not tired to drum up business for his idea. Almost all costs of German start-up scene he has with graph Masters now won, even with the start-up initiative Weconomy he was successful last year.

Brueggemann wants to prevent congestion. Even as a student he worked meticulously on a new algorithm for traffic control. His analysis: “All navigation systems have the same data base. We have so many traffic jams, because so many drivers rely on their digital devices. “

This is exactly what change Brüggemann. His solution: graph Masters sets out a limited capacity for each road. This is compared with the alternative routes requested by drivers on their GPS. An algorithm then calculates when a route is considered busy, and has the following drivers an alternative route.

“We have carried out many simulations in the rush hour. We could draw twice as fast the vehicles through the traffic, “said Brueggemann. The catch: The best, the system works when it can process the data from as many motorists. So graph Masters must approach the established firms in the industry. First steps have already been taken. So graph Masters has recently started working in test mode with the auto supplier Bosch together.

Start-up against the jam

  • Graph Masters will improve traffic

    The Start-up graph Masters will let the traffic flow faster. Users can submit their destination and their position, the system calculates the ideal route – and not just for a subscriber, but for everyone. Routes are matched for each other

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  • Two routes

    The graph Masters App Greenway makes two routes are possible: a normal – and the “Greenway Trail”. The promises a faster connection and thus lower fuel costs.

  • computer at work

    The founders are all computer scientists – Iulian Nitescu and Christian Brüggemann dealt with are still studying graph theory, which is the underlying technology. Later, Sebastian Heise, Elia and Helge Franke Holzmann were joined. After several successful programming competitions the company.

  • Big Data were founded in February 2013 in the background

    In order to enable the calculations in real-time graph Masters is a Big Data technology. This allows the processing of large amounts of data in real time, including the position data of the cars and the latest traffic information.

  • Hanover, Bucharest and Lausanne

    Currently Graph Masters has eleven employees. The development team is based in Hanover, an office is in Bucharest – one of the founders comes from the Romanian capital. With the prestigious technology university EPSL in Lausanne, the start-up has entered into a partnership to strengthen in terms of transport research

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  • donors wanted

    Graph Masters is looking for a venture capitalist. Currently, the start-up is primarily funded by resources of the founder.

The Berlin Sablono GmbH, another winner of Weconomy competition, shows how closely the worlds of young and established companies are connected. Founded just last year by three Bauinformatikern the TU Berlin offers a software, to be with the running out of control schedules and costs in construction projects prevented.

“That construction projects can be a disaster, you have to probably not explain, “says Luke Olbrich, co-founder and CEO of the start-ups, with a grin. “We expect that schedules that are created with our software, a thousand-fold are more accurate than the conventional” promises Olbrich.

But not enough. Also data for documentation of the actual construction process are much faster and better show than with traditional IT tools. Since June 2013, a mobile version of “Controlling Tools” on the market. And the interest is high, even in established companies. Thus, in addition to the high-tech start-up funds and Hasso Plattner Ventures and software specialist Nemetschek Allplan has been involved in the company.


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