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Concentrator photovoltaics: Airlight Energy and IBM want new HCPVT … – Solar Server

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Based in Ticino company Airlight Energy and IBM Research (Zurich) plan to 2017, the launch of a low cost photovoltaic concentrator system jointly developed .

The so-called High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Thermal (HCPVT) system can transform by 2,000-fold concentration of sunlight and innovative hot water cooling 80% of the incident radiation into usable energy. On a sunny day as 12 kilowatt hours of electricity and 20 kilowatt hours of heat would be generated, say the partners.

center of the ten-meter-high HCPVT system is a 40 square meter parabolic dish made from specially developed and patented by Airlight Energy concrete. The fibrous mixture cured in less than four hours of in any shape and then Concerning operative on mechanical properties similar to aluminum – with only one fifth of the price. A tracking judge and the dish always optimal from the sun.

36 mirrors concentrate sunlight on hot water-cooled photovoltaic-thermal multi-cell

In the bowl are 36 elliptical mirror, which consist of a 0.2 mm thick, coated with silver, recyclable plastic. The material is only slightly thicker than the packaging film of chocolate. The mirror surfaces that are deformed by a controlled vacuum, the sunlight focus very precisely on several hot water-cooled photovoltaic-thermal multi-recipient cells with so-called multi-junction cells.

In the course of an average sunny day could each of the 1 × 1 cm 2 large solar cells up to 57 watts to produce electric power. Micro-channels among cells bring 85-90 ° C hot water to within a few tenths of a millimeter to this approach. The operating temperature will thus kept under 105 ° C. Without cooling, the cells would become hot and burn up to 1,500 ° C. Water is particularly suitable for this purpose, because it is the heat removed ten times more effective than air.

The entire parabolic dish and the solar receiver located under an air-filled plastic bag, on the one hand the system from rain, hail and dust and other, but also birds and other animals from injury by the concentrated solar radiation protection.

Due to the high concentration of sunlight and thanks to the radically-cost design, the scientists assume that the price of the new technology in mass production two to three times cheaper than comparable systems be will.

Spin-off companies to commercialize technology Dsolar

“With HCPVT we introduce a new generation of solar technology,” says Dr Gianluca Ambrosetti, head of research of Airlight Energy and responsible for the development of Dsolar, the newly founded spin off company to commercialize the technology.

For photovoltaic cells-cooling and heat recovery using a world leading technology is used by IBM Research – Zurich was developed for hot water-cooled supercomputer.

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