Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fracking without water – Process

The shale gas production in the United States, the industry has swirled powerful – However, there are still significant environmental concerns, among other road enormous water consumption during the so-called fracking. A new technology is now to manage without water

Danbury, Connecticut / USA – Gaspezialist Praxair has a fracking method developed will do entirely without water. The new Dry-frac technology uses liquefied CO 2 to the gas-bearing rock layers catch up. This could be one of the major environmental problems of shale gas production, the enormous water consumption of the hydraulic Frackings be solved, so the Americans

CO 2 -., The better Frack Fluid ?

Dry Frac mixed liquid with special sands (the industry called proppants) aufzuschießen to pores and cracks in the substrate. The use of CO 2 as Frack fluid is discussed for some time and could be decisive advantages, especially in sensitive rock formations have. Unlike other used in fracking gases such as propane CO 2 is non-flammable and can be easily separated from the produced shale gas. CO 2 is as an industrial waste gas in large quantities cheaply available and can be obtained by collecting and cleaning in corresponding quality degrees.

“23.917257683215″ shale gas - savior or chimera for Germany's chemical industry?

Handelsblatt Annual Conference Chemistry 2014

05:08:14 – Is the planned methane-world-scale plant at BASF’s the beginning of the end of the German chemical industry? The scenarios that are being built in the minds of German chemistry board members, reminiscent of the sinking of the German chemical. Would bring the shale gas production really saving? read more …


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