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More snow security through new technology: Navigate even in plus degrees – Dorfinfo.de Sauerland News citizens newspaper

Snowmaker unique in Germany – operators want to gain experience

 snow Winterberg. (Sauerland) The time of the investment in multi-million amount is over for now. With new chairlifts and large snow-making equipment, the ski areas of the Ski-Arena Sauerland not score at the time. But probably with innovative projects. After about three quarters of the slopes are covered with snow in the core area, is now a new technology to be used, which is able to produce snow even at zero temperatures.

There is hardly anything moves people in the winter months, more than the question of the snowfall. Wait, especially in the tourist areas of ski operators, hoteliers, restaurateurs and retailers eagerly on snow, as the white fascination attracts guests so abruptly brought like no other product area. The slopes or at least some of them should be available snowy and well prepared from middle of December, like even more, but no later than Christmas.

For ten years invested heavily in snowmaking

So the offer for Guest reliable and for the tourism industry is predictable, the organizers have installed all the flocks of snow-producers in the past ten years. 450 units will be available at the runway edges in winter. Thus, the construction of snowmaking equipment is largely completed. Only selectively optimize operator safety snow snow with classical technique. For example, in Neuastenberg. There are five additional snow guns optimize the snow of the village exit and the skiing school. Also in Winterberg Ski Lift Carousel come in many slopes more guns to use.

Usually it works out that there are the widespread winter sports between mid-December and mid-March. Winter as the past or the season 2006/2007 are the exception. While confirming the known rule, but so rips some big holes in the coffers of those who live by the winter sports. Guests are confused. Early reservations are processed in the following years, such a sparse winter.

Bed and tourism professionals want more security and predictability

The snow safety, ensure the classical systems, is relative. At temperatures above about minus three degrees fan guns produce snow, lances need some more cold, but are for energy saving. The start of the season each year waiting for the right conditions. And even during the current season is the view of the weather movements sometimes nerve-wracking game. Too much, too early or late snow – bad decisions can cost a lot of money. If it is permanently warm as last winter, then this kind of snow works poorly.

vacuum principle makes snow at plus temperatures possible

The All Weather Snow Maker is a small revolution . It produces up to 200 cubic meters of snow per day – regardless of the ambient temperature and humidity. The technology is based on the physical principle that water, which is introduced in the vacuum, immediately evaporates to a certain extent. This requires no boiling temperatures are necessary. Evaporation energy, however, is still required. In this case the evaporating part of the water extracts the energy from the remaining other part of the water, whereupon the latter strongly cools and crystallizes thereby. For this water crystal mixture a separator separates the water from the snow crystals. Then the snow is thrown directly on the slopes. The water vapor condenses back to cooling plates and evaporated again.

The snow quality resembling the spring snow with high residual moisture. This residual moisture but lost largely during dissection. In freezing the track is fast grippy, with mild temperatures it remains soft.

The technology of Snow Makers has already been tested. In Switzerland Zermatt investors have built such a machine for the Theodulgletscher close to the Klein Matterhorn. Coinciding with Zermatt initiators in 2008 at the Tyrolean Pitztal Glacier installed a similar system. Invented the technology of the “All Weather Snow Maker” just a isaraelische company that was looking for ways to cool mines. The IDE Technologies is a world leader in desalination. In the cooling tunnel in South African gold mines were, emerged as a waste product of snow.

the first facility of its kind in Germany

Currently, the Winterberg Ski Lift Carousel obtain the building permit. 500,000 euros will cost the device. In maritime containers, the components are supplied and installed tightly to the slope. Mobile is the Schneeseparator. He has a radius of about 100 meters. Water is taken from existing storage ponds and fed to the plant. The operators hope that in December can be used in time.

The system is unique in Germany and serves as a supplement to traditional snow production. “The Snow Maker is not the miracle weapon against climate change,” says Winter Sports Arena Chairman Michael Beckmann. “The lift operators want sorry resembled close gaps, entries and exits as well as individual sections of piste snow for if it is not cold enough for snow conventional methods.” With productivity of 200 cubic meters per day would be on the snow of a general resort not to think anyway. Also supportive to the beginning of the season should the system do their services

Only selectively targeted use economic sense

The unit can produce snow at temperatures up to 30 degrees outside -. They were designed for their intervention in the gold mines in South Africa. This makes for ski resorts but ecologically and economically make no sense. Make snow in summer temperatures would make little sense, since the won expensive snow would flow directly back as water downhill. A real slope preparation would hardly be possible. Only a targeted use at temperatures just above or just below zero appears the operators currently make sense.

Whether in a comparison of energy use, the classic snow cuts off much better, or can Snowmaker compete depends on the conditions . With a correspondingly low temperatures and dry air snow cannons and lances are clearly the better choice. These values, however, move in the border area of ​​two degrees, the new technology is much more attractive. Often adverse wind conditions happen, so that the produced with conventional methods often snow lands next to the slopes. This can appear more positive the balance of Snow Makers


The Snow Maker produces consistent quantities and good quality, where lances fail and fan guns only little and also quite wet snow produce . Losses due to snow drifts often in strong winds it is not the Snow Maker. The total cost per cubic meter of snow are significantly higher mainly due to the complex technology. For snowmaking smaller surface sections at temperatures around zero degrees it is very good though. This is in practice often the case since often small surface sections need to be optimized in order to release a whole slopes for winter sports can

Power and energy consumption compared

Snow Maker.: 8.5 m³ of snow / h

10 kWh / m³ of snow (no wind drifts)

Propellers cannon at -3 ° C: 9 m³ of snow / h

5 kWh / m³ of snow (. including pumping energy)

Propellers cannon at -10 ° C: 60 m³ of snow / h

1 kWh / m³ of snow (. including pumping energy)

lance: 2,5 – 9 m³ / h depending on temperature

0.27 kWh / m³ of snow (water pressure plus pressure air)

costs compared

fan guns: about 2 € / m³ of snow

snow lances: almost 2 € / m³ of snow

Snow Maker: about 12 € / m³ of snow

(energy, labor , acquisition, maintenance)


The winter sports arena Sauerland is a merger of the ski areas in the districts of the Upper Sauerland, Siegerland-Wittgenstein, Olpe and the municipality of Willingen. Through joint marketing, continuous quality improvement of the winter sports supply and optimization of snow safety, the region has developed north of the Alps to the most important winter sports region since 2001. A total of around 90 million Euros have since been invested in the expansion of offerings. More information at www.wintersport-arena.de.

The Nordic Sports Arena is the northern area of ​​sports, winter sports arena Sauerland. Beginners and experts alike will find high-quality winter and summer sports. Versatile, carefully measured and marked trails with high quality standards for Nordic Walking, Nordic Blading, roller ski, Skiken, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


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