Thursday, September 4, 2014

“A still immature technology” – Badische Zeitung

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04th September 2014


BI against deep geothermal informed Schutter forest.

Neuried / Schutter FOREST (BZ) The citizens’ initiative against the deep geothermal makes more mobile.. On September 23, is in Schutterwald an event planned in which the citizens of Schutterwald especially about the planned project in Neuried and its possible impact on the community should be informed. Next week there is already an info-Stammtisch.

The citizens’ initiative writes in its press release that on the district Neuried – should be made a deep geothermal drilling to generate geothermal electricity and heating energy to win – close to the district border with Goldscheuer and Kittersburg. In addition, in the Strasbourg area four more holes are planned. “Geothermal energy has recently lost enormously in acceptance since the still immature technology, some cases of damage caused,” explained the citizens’ initiative. And further: “The citizens of the region would not be a guinea pig for an unfinished art.” In addition, you want to have no deep geothermal against the will of the people and protect the Upper Rhine Graben as a groundwater reservoir.
Since the impairments would also not stop at municipal boundaries, want the citizens’ initiative to inform the citizens of the community Schutter forest. On this occasion, there are two public events: On Wednesday, September 10, 19.30 clock, is invited to an information meeting at the Gasthaus Linde in Long Hurst to answer provided in the smaller circle on the geothermal project and questions. On Tuesday, September 23, 19.30 clock, also found in the Schutterwälder Mörburghalle an info event of the citizens’ initiative rather than

Geothermal Suits:. Marwein throws Stächele populism

Meanwhile, the Offenburger member of parliament and speaker on environmental issues the Green parliamentary group, Thomas Marwein, the publicly asked of the CDU parliamentary deputies Willi Stächele after a state liability for damage caused by geothermal wells called populist. “Therefore there exist no basis in legal practice.” Should any damage occur through the holes, so was the company that operate the holes, so-called tortfeasor and would be mainly for the damage. Thomas Marwein exclude the possibility that the country complains instead of a victim. In this case, it would be a civil action for damages. Such a process would lead basically the victim: “In case of damage, the polluter pays principle is to call immediately after the country money is not fair, because ultimately it is tax money and thus pay all citizens..” The green-red state government was responsible for dealing carefully with tax money: “From Mr. Stächele as a former Finance Minister, I would have expected more expertise.” <-! RSPEAK_STOP ->

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