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Technology and start-ups in Berlin: New York goes Marzahn – Tagesspiegel

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New York University seeks innovative partners and will find it in a Berlin technology park.

Kellin Slater is looking forward to Berlin. Two days ago, the 19-year-old began her studies at the Polytechnic branch of the New York University in Brooklyn, and now attracts Germany … oh what the whole world. “Your classroom is out there,” said Mayor Eric Adams of Brooklyn.

Out there the world is changing every day. New talent, new technologies, and now a new transatlantic cooperation: NYU, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, cooperating with the CleanTech Innovation Center in Berlin-Marzahn

The contract has now been signed in Brooklyn. . The Innovation Center will be opened this month. Next year it will be expanded to the CleanTech Business Park, with 90 acres of the largest Berlin industrial area on which modern businesses to settle in the area of ​​alternative energy. First, there are already interested, including companies in the paper and recycling sector.

For Marzahn the CleanTech Innovation Center is a great opportunity to attract new businesses in the district. In a specially equipped building start-ups can rent a room, the smaller at a single desk, others on a larger surface. You can fiddle about and plan, and once a year flying selected young entrepreneurs for two weeks to New York to meet other entrepreneurs and to acquire customers. Students from New York can earn in return in Marzahn experience -. Sounds good in the United States, where renewable energy Germany is recognized as a top location

A first start-up delegation, the Berlin already sent across the Atlantic. Among them, many web and app-based companies are like the delivery service and the mobile strike Kiwi, already have their business models in the USA models or competitors, but also tailored to Berlin services such as the Segway rental Yoove or Pop Up Berlin, an infrastructure service for young companies.

“Germany is in many areas far ahead”

For a year was planned in Berlin the concept behind on the New York side of Kurt Becker is the Vice-Dean of the Department of Polytechnic University. Becker, who grew up in Kaiserslautern and has lived in New York since 1984, will commute regularly in the future to Berlin and join the exchange. The cooperation with Berlin is close – not only because of the personal history of the professor. Rather, it is about the German leadership in the industry. “Germany has the term energy revolution ‘written in the dictionaries of the world’, applied economics Berlin Senator Cornelia Yzer progress at home. The German American Chamber of Commerce supports the project.

“For me it would be a huge opportunity to learn in Germany,” says student Kellin. It is one of Becker’s physics class and applauded the signing of the contract with a dozen fellow students. Among them is the 20-year-old Nicole Breitbart, who wants to make in Berlin graduate. “Germany is far ahead of us in many areas,” she says. Now she comes to Marzahn to the times just to look at.


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