Friday, September 26, 2014

After breakdown the iPhone 6: Apple goes in the charm offensive – Handelsblatt

Dusseldorf The hype did not last long: Just days after the launch of the iPhone 6 is mounting complaints about the new Apple device. On the one presented an update of the operating system iOS devices from multiple users lame. On the other hand some were circulating reports that the casing of the iPhone could bend 6 Plus in your pocket. The Group experienced the downside of hysteria.

Now the group’s infamous PR department goes on the offensive: Apple apologizes for botched update and provides the iOS version 8.0 since Thursday evening .2, which apparently fixes the issues. In addition, the well-known technology blog The Verge gets a rare insight into the test labs, which should show how solid the device and the tests are hard. And last but not least the notoriously secretive group numbers to prove that only a few users are affected published.

background of concerted action: The reports of quality problems, amplified by the speakers Twitter and Facebook, Apple hit the mark. The iKonzern represents that its devices are easy to use. An update that important functions blocked and can be done only with difficulty reversed, not at all to match. And for a premium manufacturer, which requires significantly more than the competition, reports of bent housing are libelous.

As has been hastily iOS 8.0.2 developed an idea German users when they read the information about the update: Unlike usual, they have not been translated into German – probably was not based on the time. No two days required Apple to fertigzubekommen the new system software.

This is correct especially the drastic problems that the previous version iOS 8.0.1 caused until Apple stopped the distribution after one hour. Users complained inter alia that their phones were no longer able to dial in mobile networks and the fingerprint sensor stopped working. First media reports, the update for the update runs so far without problems.

With all humility about the error can Apple hinted that only a very small proportion of users is affected: Approximately 40,000 had downloaded the faulty software – equivalent to 0.4 percent of the ten million buyers who are on first weekend iPhone 6 rose.


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