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BROOKLYN, New York -. (BUSINESS WIRE) – 15.09.2014 –

Endocrine Technology, LLC is a New York-based biotechnology company. More information is available on the website Kumar Shah, MD, president of the company, presents the most advanced technology to solve the Ebola crisis. There is a huge humanitarian and scientific needs, so that the masses can unite in the fight against Ebola crisis

There is also a growing scientific consensus on the following issues:.

a. An expedient solution to the crisis must be in the form of a drug available done.

b. Evidence-based scientific data should be presented, which are buried deep in the medical literature.

c. The potential solution must be the most innovative advances in genomics and basic immunology include.

“The fulfillment of the above criteria is expected to bring confidence and promote global cooperation to improve this technology, and thus the lives of many people save. The mortality rate may rise next year to 1.2 million, “said Dr. Kumar Shah.

Endocrine Technology, LLC and its dedicated” ETBOND team members “have been working on the improvement of a technology. contains links for patent applications, references, interim medication labels and film presentations.

The patent application relates to a new immunomodulatory agent. During the treatment inflammation and bleeding in patients infected with Ebola by the inhibition of serine proteases can be regulated. In the recovery phase the substance stimulates immune reactions suffocation of the virus. The following strategy can be extended to asymptomatic patients for the cure of Ebola infection. The modeling of the three-dimensional interaction of Ebola with the immune system indicates that it is Ebola is a highly charged particles of activated proteases and effectively by ET 007 can be neutralized. ET 007 is a nano-formulation of a drug available worldwide. It is safe and effective to initiate treatment and eradication of Ebola on a global scale.

Kumar Shah, MD . is a trained in the USA Board Certified Physician, President and Patent developer with over 20 years of medical experience and biotechnology. He is responsible for the global medical and technological consulting services for Ebola and is supported by the dedicated ETBOND team.

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