Monday, September 15, 2014

Drug prices: fear of the upward spiral – Handelsblatt

K onkurrenz good for business. This is also true in the pharmaceutical sector – at least where it comes to new, patent-protected drug classes. Although the manufacturers contend fiercely for market share. But prices are not an argument in this fight. In the relatively liberal U.S. market solve new developments sometimes even an upward price spiral, which is broken only after expiry of the first patents.

For a new class of drugs against chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is about the U.S. prices have tripled in the last ten years, although in addition to the pioneer drug Gleevec now five other funds were approved. In multiple sclerosis attract new funds in the form of tablets currently market shares over established drugs that must be injected. The very high prices for the new products gave Altan bidders but leeway in turn raise prices. The chief financial officer of the Darmstadt Merck Group described the recently with the remark that they had “countered with price increases” the new competition.

The fact that in the hepatitis field a series of new developments on the march is, therefore, offers little prospect of fierce price competition. The market volume – and in turn, the cost of health insurance – are driven more to the top

This stands out on the field a particularly violent skirmish between cash and manufacturers from.. After all, would theoretically calculate the cost of more than 20 billion euros, based on current list prices for combination therapies with novel agents in Germany alone, all those infected should be treated.

voltage therefore pursue observer the ongoing negotiations between Gilead and the behind the counter competent joint Federal Committee (GBA) of cash and physicians about the future costs of health Sovaldi.

This is based on the benefit assessment on the basis of the 2011 Act introduced AMNOG. The previous price of just under 60,000 euros is the US group can hardly prevail, but probably a price that is above the felt of old products. After all, a significant additional benefit was Sovaldi, against the vote of cash, certified.


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