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RWE tests in Münsterland Reken the power grid of the future / Intelligent … – (press release)

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RWE Germany is today in Reken a smart grid (smart grid) before, the model for other electricity networks in Europe should be. Can be used as part of the EU funded project Grid4EU RWE explored with partners, such as smart grids to achieve the EU headline targets for 2020 in the area of ​​climate change and sustainable energy contribute. Results are collected and analyzed to 2016.

Grid4EU with a total funding of 25.5 million Euros one of the largest EU-funded smart grid projects and is supported under the 7th Research Framework Programme. In six European countries distribution network operators develop innovative concepts and technologies, cost-effective networks, make even more reliable, flexible and resilient. RWE has invested in the project in Reken 1 million euros. The European Union is funding the project with about 500T €.

As part of the research project, RWE is working with ABB and the Technical University of Dortmund together. The technology is already fully integrated into the existing local network of Reken. New resources in the local network stations measure the actual load situations in the power grid and automatically adapt the network structure of the current requirements. Existing ring lines are switched as needed, that consumers and feeders are directly connected to each other. Thus, the current that is produced in Reken also increasingly used in Reken. The network is the advanced control function and reliable. In case of failure the grid management center in Arnsberg recognizes directly, where a repair is necessary.

“With technical intelligence we can make the network expansion flexibility. Here in Reken we want to show that our Smart Grid solutions trendsetting for Europe are, “said Dr. Joachim Schneider, Chief Technology Officer of RWE Germany

Smart grids also holds the MEP Markus Pieper necessary.” We need European electricity networks, households, businesses and renewable energy actively connect with each other and provide distributed solutions for climate protection. As Münsterländer I am delighted that RWE demonstrated this vision in Reken today. “

The community Reken in Münsterland with 14,000 inhabitants was chosen because there already Today, many more regenerative energy generation plants to feed and still more are planned. In the partly urban and partly rural network in the West Netz GmbH about as much electricity is already produced as consumed – but not always at the same time. Rekens first Deputy Mayor Brita Weishaupt was proud that the choice has fallen on their city. “Reken is thus part of a showcase project that deals with the intelligent distribution of electricity from renewable energy sources and thus important insights for the future energy supply of Europe provides,” Weishaupt said.

has the Technical University of Dortmund developed the necessary calculation algorithms for mainly decentralized management of power grids. Professor Dr.-Ing. Christian Rehtanz said: “The decentralized supply leads already in rural distribution networks to new challenges with automated and decentralized control in the medium voltage level, we achieve a new dimension in flexibility of power grids in Reken..”

ABB developed the intelligent devices for the conversion of the local network. Project Manager Robert Itschner, Head of Power Systems ABB Germany said: “Today an enabling technology will be further developed in Reken consistently to an active overall system Reken is thereby provide important results for the standardization and transferability to other networks..”

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