Monday, September 15, 2014

Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems: Another structure shall judge’s – Handelsblatt

Dusseldorf The IT subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom is in the midst of the most violent restructuring of its history. The classic outsourcing business with the acquisition and management of IT systems of large business customers is dramatically down. Therefore, T-Systems CEO Reinhard Clemens strong new business, which surround the digitization of the economy

The employees of the Telekom subsidiary get this realignment palpable. Until the end of 2015 Clemens wants every fifth reduce the approximately 27,000 jobs in Germany. In the staff’s plans became known, the end of last year, providing ongoing unrest.

In order to accelerate the transformation and make it visible, gets T-Systems for information Handelsblatt internally October 1, a new organizational structure. In addition to the Group’s own IT then is the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary on three pillars: first, the new digital division in which all future issues such as industry 4.0 with communicating vehicles or machinery, but also intelligent networks – such as digital health services – are bundled. The staff there is small and highly specialized. “We want to provide an appropriate infrastructure, not only to our customers, even competitors. We work a lot with partners, “says Clemens.

In addition, the cloud offering for business customers, the data center of the group in their own areas (private cloud) is able to store and process their data. The third pillar consists of the traditional IT services of the old school, the corporate clients to medium term but transfer into the cloud era

This area is currently at the center of reconstruction and has to bear the largest share of job losses, -. Although he terms of sales, with more than three billion euros is still the largest currently. However, with the traditional IT solution can hardly earn more money, the margins are low and the competition is high. Clemens runs this division deliberately down, only accepts orders that yield profit to the bottom line.

But in the last quarter, sales also because T-Systems in this segment shrank by nearly a third, now orders assigns to the outside, in the event that these suppliers are cheaper than their own employees. Growth no longer expects T-Systems in the long run. In about ten years, this sector will be significantly shrunk. What T-Systems still needs is purchased mainly.


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