Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Car 4.0: If old and new work together – Handelsblatt

Stuttgart It is an alliance of “old” and “new economy”. A few years ago seemed like something that made the rounds a few weeks ago, hardly imaginable: An auto giant Daimler takes over as an app providers – to better position with the taxi placement App MyTaxi for future mobility. As the entire industry put the automaker in the digital transition. The car 4.0 is

For the company, this is nothing less than a turning point., You are far from being only more than just a manufacturer, but as a mobility services. The two megatrends: alternative propulsion systems such as electric cars and the “networked and integrated auto”, which is connected with the help of other services such as apps for public transport to car-sharing or taxi companies

Auto and Internet are converging rapidly. Experts fear not only for the safety of the data. It is also unclear who these actually belong.

Daimler has now traded and builds the complete takeover of MyTaxi his mobility services. These already include the car-sharing offer “Car2Go”. The aim mobility to be “integrated”, “simple” and. The daughter moovel Stuttgart want to combine the variety of means of transport: car, train, tram, bus, carpool, taxes. In North America moovel accepts precisely the similar reared mobility platform Ride Scout who works there in about 70 cities.

Other manufacturers such as BMW and Volkswagen are working on future concepts. It’s also a question of the younger generation, the cars often no longer considered as a status symbol, to offer alternatives to traditional own car. In addition, to be tried in this way new technologies.

The Internet of Things

  • Everyday objects in the network

    The Internet is known as infrastructure over which people share data – whether on PC, laptop or smartphone. So it comes down to computers that communicate with each other. But these days can be more and more objects network: Heating, and door, T-shirt and glasses, car and Heating

  • One thing that many. terms

    The term “Internet of Things” impressed scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston at the end of the 90s. But it coursing many terms. “Industrial Internet” stresses the economic importance, “Machine to Machine” (abbreviated M2M) describes more technically, that devices exchange autonomous data

  • . ‘ h5> use in business

    So far, the Internet of things mainly a matter of economy: logistics companies pursue, for example, the way of supplies. Technology manufacturers bring increasingly, consumer products on the market, such as heating controls.

  • mini-computer and radio antenna

    Networked objects require a mini-computer and a radio antenna, also sensors – in the case of a heating control as to measure the temperature. These components have become in recent years, so that always new areas of application in question.

  • sextillion addresses

    For networked objects can be controlled via the Internet, one must clearly they can respond. A new standard called IPv6 is to ensure that even in the age of networked cars and heaters enough IP addresses are available – there are 340 sextillion, so a 340 with 36 zeros

  • market with huge potential

    It is difficult to grasp the networking trend in numbers, the market is still too young. Market researcher Gartner dares to predict that by 2020 some 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things – PCs, tablets and smartphones are not included therein. Sales of products and services will grow to more than 300 billion dollars. More optimistic the network equipment Cisco, the crosslinked by then 50 billion devices is expected.

  • Discussion of Privacy

    The triumph of networked devices expected to draw some discussions on Privacy by itself. An example: Can an insurance transaction data of a car owner evaluate to adjust prices to the driving behavior? Or should the police after an accident check whether the driver was too fast?

Thinking go off topic “How do I sell a car?” and towards the question “How can we use the best car in a mobility chain?” explains Stefan Bratzel of the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach. The new mobility concepts are an important issue for the carmaker with “enormous opportunities”.


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