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Piql announces Norwegian technology to, the 500-year access to digital … – OnVista

OSLO, Norway, September 18, 2014

OSLO, Norway, September 18, 2014 / PRNewswire / –

Malicious hacking, bit red and data corruption – the challenges field of digital data backup are enormous. As can be guaranteed on our digital heritage is a long-term access? The Norwegian company Piql found the answer through the reuse of well-known storage medium



the world, there is concern about the lack of technologies that are really suitable for long-term preservation of digital data . Magnetic media are short-lived and are best used only for backups, whereas the cloud is inappropriate because of security and privacy problems for this purpose. 5% [1] of the digital data in the world must be archived well over the long term.

Using a supported by the EU and the Norwegian government research project in the amount of EUR [2] 20 million has Piql a unique solution developed for the migration-free digital archiving. With this technology, the photosensitive film moves into the digital age.

“It was our goal, valuable digital data archive safe and accessible for 500 years. In this context, it is imperative to ensure that the data can not be modified or deleted, “says Rune Bjerkestrand, Managing Director of Piql AS. A legitimate data preservation solution must be independent of the availability of specific technologies or vendors also ensure future access

Photosensitive film is used as a storage medium for decades -. Archives (microfilm) and of the major film studios in example Hollywood. The use, however, so far limited to the preservation of analogue images. Piqls technology allows the preservation of digital data on high-resolution film. The data is written to a storage medium with proven long-term properties and stored offline in physical form. The data are still fully searchable as on other digital storage technologies. Instructions for retrieving the data in the future are written in the form of a readable text on the film.

Piql supplemented technologies that are used for short-lived information and backups, and is data owner offered through an international network of service providers.

Piql AS provides solutions in the field of digital archiving and has light-sensitive film converted to a digital storage medium. Piql also put behind Cinevator, the world’s leading digital film printer. The company was founded in 2002 and is in Drammen, Norway, resident

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first IDC and Iron Mountain

second The Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway

Contact for media:

Rune Bjerkestrand , Managing Director

Maria Aas Borken Hagen, Marketing Manager


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