Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apple Pay: Private pay system introduced over NFC technology – TweakPC

Already have the most high-end smartphones to an NFC chip (Near Field Communication). The breakthrough and the acceptance of wireless, cashless payment, which is possible using NFC, but prevailed not yet.

With the new iPhone6 ​​and iPhone 6 Plus now uses also the first time a smart phone of Apple technology .

In conjunction with the Apple Watch, the technology can also be used with older smartphones of 5 series. With Apple pay the manufacturer from Cupertino has also presented directly a suitable infrastructure including application for such a service. With American Express, MasterCard and Visa could be obtained for the same payment method as a new partner, the three largest credit card providers in the world. In Germany the dissemination and use of credit cards, however, is still not particularly large.

Instead the data manually enter a credit card, pay at Apple extends a simple photo of the credit card. The data is saved and stored in the Passbook app. After authorization of the Bank for the credit card, this is available as a means of payment for Apple pay. Should also be simply taken over for Apple Pay already in iTunes stored credit cards.

Apple to Pay can be up shortly make payments in 220,000 branches of hardware stores to fast food chains to Disney World. Instead of paying with cash, just the smartphone is shown or confirms a transaction.

Instead of storing the data of credit card, Apple addresses for each device a specific account number, which only in an unspecified “Secure element “chip is stored on the device. Each transaction must be confirmed via a dynamic security code before payment.


 ( image: Apple Pay )


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