Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Technology as a return lever – FINANCE

Once a zielorientierterer frame is defined, companies are better to use in the position advanced technologies to their advantage: new point solutions, workflows, Wrappers and other instruments, such as cloud-based and mobile solutions. Companies can with the help of automation reduce deviations though and industrialize processes, but it should be clear that automation is not a panacea.

workflows in conventional solutions are often too rigid in its form for use by large, decentralized user groups, especially in high-end functions such as financial planning and analysis (FP & amp; A), risk management and controlling. In a global economy are tools for collaboration and analysis that are intuitive and user friendly, vital.

Fortunately, modern technologies are now much more agile than in the past. Cloud-based solutions, mobile extensions and “Systems of Engagement” may “Systems of Records”, are such as ERP systems or data warehouses, placed traditional and increase despite limited cost efficiency.

The rapid technological development does not mean that companies should Technologies sweeping and hasty accept. Well thought-out process-based design and transformation management can make the latest technologies targeted usable – for the process analysis and the focus on creating value from processes – at the same time room for developments, the future requirements to meet

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