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KONE scheduled for maintenance on machine-to-machine technology from Vodafone –

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(05/09/2014) KONE will in future be Vodafone’s Machine-to-Machine
 (M2M) technology for remote monitoring and maintenance of elevators. The
 Mobile solution to reduce downtime to a minimum. For this purpose, in
 the elevators used a M2M SIM card. Thus, operating data on the
 Mobile network are communicated by Vodafone. This incoming information
 are compared with existing inventory data. How can the technician Trends
 account for and recognize where and when action is needed, before interference
 occur and turn the elevators for a long time.

For the cooperation of KONE with Vodafone saying the
 Reported to two main reasons:

  • Due to its international operations, the
     Elevator manufacturer in the past, a variety of
     Agreements with various telecommunications companies to
     worldwide completed. This would KONE by a
     Replace contract with a globally established suppliers and
     get the service from a single source.

  • Moreover Lifts may only be put into operation if
     they are equipped with a telephone for emergencies. In the
     Past it was frequent delays in
     Come installation of fixed lines, especially in
     New buildings. To avoid this in the future, has the
     Elevator Bauer now on mobile technology from Vodafone

reminder: Machinery and equipment
 set manufacturers and users increasingly on mobile M2M solutions.
 Because they promise efficient and cost-effective remote maintenance
 and monitoring concepts. Vodafone is one with more than
 twenty years of experience, the world’s leading providers
 Range of M2M communications. A team of 300 specialists
 serves international corporations from all industries, from
 Automotive, on the energy sector to the transport and
 Logistics industry.

 Information for M2M technology and elevators can be made by
  E-mail to Vodafone
 as well as by
  E-mail are required at KONE

see for additional information.


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