Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Windows 9: What can the new operating system – Business Week

After the great Windows-8 flop, it has Microsoft apparently in a hurry to publish its new operating system. Windows 9 to be re user-friendly. A lifeline for Microsoft.

W as for Apple fans is the new iPhone is a new generation of Windows for Microsoft fans. Tonight is the new operating system Windows 9, which is currently being developed under the code name “Threshold”, are finally presented. Regular Windows users are, however, only times behind: There is increasing evidence that Microsoft’s priority convince business customers and developers. Thus, the date initially oriented in San Francisco tonight to developers of programs for Windows PCs and businesses that depend on Microsoft programs. The public should try until October the new operating system then probably.

With Windows 8, Microsoft had previously demonstrated no knack: Dissatisfied customers dominate the headlines and poor sales figures bungle the consolidated balance sheet. The system had made with his confusing tile surface with many users for frustration and anger. That should change with Windows 9 now. So, for example, returns the desired Start menu, the absence of one of the biggest criticisms of Windows was 8. Visually, the menu again reminded very much of Windows 7 is new is the integration of the Modern UI. So also previously so unloved tiles now have their place in the Start menu. So let yourself about the new menu features both well-known as the Windows Explorer, Paint or the computer opened, as well as services such as Skype or Microsoft cloud by clicking on the corresponding tile. The tile surface is, however, no longer serve as the basic setting. Instead, they can activate at the request of users. In the foreground are back from Windows 7 known desktop interface and the start menu are.


Criticism Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 will not ebb away. Currently, the Stiftung Warentest has tested the product and has come to a devastating judgment.

In addition, information about a redesigned taskbar to the public passes. This bar should be adapted to the individual needs of the user and dynamically change their color – depending on the background image set by the user.

Friends of large pixels can rejoice: The new Windows will also support large screens. Optical to users of the new software but for now do not expect too much: For the preview version for developers of Windows 9, the Microsoft internally named “Technical Preview for Enterprise” should remember in the early versions strongly to Windows 8. The Windows-9-symbols but gradually follow

The closer the performance date approaches, the more violent the speculation. Possibly Windows 9 could free update for all users of Windows 8.1 will appear. The reports on the Indonesian website “Detik”. Accordingly, the Indonesian Microsoft CEO Andreas Diantoro to have the free Windows 9 confirmed during a tablet presentation to journalists. Prices for the new operating system did not name the manager. According to unnamed sources the Microsoft leaker Wzór However, the manufacturer requires $ 20 from Windows-8-owners for a fix. That amounted to about ten dollars less than the Windows 8 update hat.Umsteiger cost for the introduction of Windows XP, Vista and 7, however, the new version will probably have to buy at the store.

Furthermore rumored Microsoft Windows 9 will give a voice. As the website Neowin reported to Cortana, the language assistant from Windows Phone, used in Threshold. There he is, however, only act as an app in the background. Cortana is

clarity Gets the user the function to open in a separate window., It will probably be until tonight, when the system is officially introduced. Then will also show whether the new Windows (codename: Threshold “). Windows is really” 9 hot “Experience shows that Microsoft can after publication of the preview version about six months for the final touches Accordingly, the earliest start of 2015 with the final Windows. expected 9 version., the Group Pushes many updates to the pre-release version after, the date for the in-house developer conference (Build) can move backwards. latest, but by April 2015 it is expected that Windows 9 goes on sale. ‘ / p>


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