Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The iPhone 6 comes: “Apple can not control the revelations” – Reuters

Dusseldorf If Apple introduces new devices, weeks make earlier rumors spread – and not infrequently true what is to be read in the media and blogs. The Apple expert Mark Gurman explains why the company can hardly keep this information secret and how it still controls the media. The blogger from 9to5Mac is known for his own good sources in the group environment.

Before today’s Apple event are already many details leaked. Does Apple no longer tight?
I believe that Apple’s revelations can not control. Unusual much has penetrated through the supply chain for iPhone 6 to the outside this time. This is quite expected, as the company produces millions of components in a large region. If people could just buy an iPhone 6, including packaging, we know that Apple has a real problem. But that’s not happening.

What does the PR department, so the expectations are not disappointed? has
The Apple PR strategies developed in order to control the expectations. If there are for example many rumors and discussions about a new feature of the iPhone 6, it can be assumed that the PR department of a major media organization off the record says, if they do not agree. If Apple wants to control the expectations for the price of a product, it may happen that the company can even seep information to the outside.

media as the “Wall Street Journal”, Recode and your blog 9to5Mac often publish exclusive information about new Apple products . As the Company
responded I can only speak for 9to5Mac: Apple normally does not announce itself with us for references. When it comes to rumors about a product, Apple is this over other publications confirm or deny either. This is of course a very transparent tactic: Sometimes shoot publications in amazing ways rumors from the truth of which can actually only know Apple. The PR people pursue obsessively reporting and provide the managers with summaries. If Apple is not satisfied, you try to change the narrative. It may be that the PR team then other journalists sends articles that contradict the narrative.

The presentations are like a play. How conducts Apple?
play is the right word. It is a performance that begin preparations weeks before. Even for the worst case is made provisions.


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