Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Holger evil: “Good ideas have joy preparing” – Reuters

Which innovation changed the world from their perspective on sustainable
Two innovations come to me because in my mind:? Machines, starting with the steam engine, people have made independent of muscle strength. Today’s combustion engine and electric motors can work with very large power do what was previously unthinkable. Another innovation thrust created by the spread of computers. This mental routine tasks such as complex calculations the people were removed, the sooner he could not cope or only with very great effort. In this context, it is certainly also the communication technology to disseminate knowledge to see who was greatly accelerated by the Internet, but already began with the letterpress.

Who is your greatest visionary?
Nelson Mandela has never lost the vision of a peaceful and equal coexistence of people of different skin color from the eyes. He has taken in his life great privations and also in his seemingly hopeless situation do not be discouraged, continue to promote its goals. This persistence, combined with foresight and a sense of reality, may not be something really create something new just in politics, which was held previously not considered possible.

materials that change at the touch of its nature, there are more and more often – even in your own pocket


In which moments you get your best ideas?
The best ideas come to me in completely opposite situations. On one hand I am inspired by intellectual suggestions from others, such as lectures or meetings. Then earlier own thoughts with other aspects add together like a puzzle to something new. On the other hand, new ideas are born in a state of mental relaxation, without pressure and without necessity. Good ideas must give pleasure in thinking, otherwise they are not good. Under pressure it have ideas in any case very difficult to develop.

If the one who has visions, really go to the doctor?
visions within the meaning of Martin Luther King famous dictum “I have a dream” or the human dream of flying are the driving force for fundamental changes. Visions can inspire and motivate people to excel. They are therefore no grounds to the doctor to go, unless the visionary suffers from his visions.

What makes working at the Institute for you?
the development of new products play for me freedom as a framework in the Institute and creativity a vital role. In addition, enriched me the versatility of thinking, which is reflected in a strong interdisciplinary orientation of professional colleagues. We work at the Institute, among others, the development of so-called smart materials. Such materials can change by an electrical control their mechanical properties and thus form the basis for new technologies of sensors and actuators in automotive, medical technology or robotics, which in many cases still have to be developed. For this purpose, new ideas are constantly needed, we can then implement.


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