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Microsoft reportedly working on streaming technology: Console games on the … – PC Games Hardware

According to media reports, Microsoft is working successfully on a streaming technology that console games can forward to a browser on the PC – with up to 60 fps and low lag Initial tests should be already gone and promising

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Microsoft is reportedly working on streaming technology: console games on the PC Microsoft reportedly working on streaming technology: Console games on the PC? [Source:] Come Xbox 360 and Xbox One games soon to the PC? The question you have to ask yourself when you read the latest rumors around the Redmond company. The fact is, according to media reports, working on a streaming technology that console games can make available in the browser. The idea behind it is thus that Microsoft will stream the complete environment of the Xbox, so along with user interface.

With the technology games with up to 60 fps and low latency on the local computer to be transferred. Talking about the next “killer gaming feature” of the group from the state of Washington. The planning phase should be already expired, so the streaming can be tested. The reactions to the technology should be very positive. However, it can not verify the date.

The rumor is consistent at least with previous reports that Microsoft is working intensively on streaming options for games. In this context, the project DeLorean was already called that makes being an “Outatime” the round. The goal here was to reduce lag significantly. Streaming of games and is coincident with the technical framework. The latency is the biggest problem. If you have the grip, the question arises of the market such a service. . Neowin


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background to Microsoft

Microsoft is in April 1975 by Paul G. Allen and William Henry Gates III, called Bill, was founded. With the Basic version for the Altair 8800, one of the first home computer, begin an unprecedented success story in which Microsoft adopted very quickly from the hobby scene to conquer the global computer market. Windows is indispensable to gaming PCs today little more, even if Microsoft has not only due to its quasi-monopoly friends among the users. Below you will find all articles on PC Games Hardware published to Microsoft and its products. More on Microsoft there on our topic page.


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