Monday, September 29, 2014

Beware of subscription trap the B2B Technology Chemnitz GmbH on Facebook … –

1 What is in this law do?

This right tip I want technology indicate a currently widespread strong in the Internet and especially Facebook subscription trap the company B2B Chemnitz GmbH give and advice for those affected.

second What the heck is a subscription trap?

called Under a subscription trap or Internet costs case, it is colloquially a dubious business practice in which (mainly) Internet users (especially consumer here) are caused unintentionally a supposedly complete fee contract. Achieve this effect, the operators of such subscription traps by not or will only very hidden indicates a incurs a charge.

3rd The concrete case: B2B Technology Chemnitz GmbH

For a long time it has become quiet on the subject of subscription trap in the Internet, which also has a reason. The legislature has enacted deliberately set up a system to prevent those business practices that consumers should be unintentionally lured into a paid contract (specifically, is this provision in § 312j Abs. 3 BGB, so-called. “Button solution”) .

This change in the law, the issue of subscription traps has not done on the Internet, but only assumed new forms. One of these new forms comes from the company B2B Technology Chemnitz GmbH, which operates several websites.

There are piling up at me in the last few days requests from clients that run on Facebook on the website stock be operated by the company B2B Technology Chemnitz GmbH. First, the consumer / Facebook users is a very affordable single offer (for. Example for a TV) motivated to visit the website just mentioned. There he will be prompted to sign and enter his or her contact. As is typical for a subscription trap, as part of this registration process is not understood in the way on one incurs a charge that it also will notice the consumer.

If you have finally signed, normally obtained within a short time by mail a request for payment 240.- €.

4th Can I defend myself against such a subscription trap or should I even pay for me to have peace?

No, you can and should fight back

My specific reference. Please do not pay a penny

Once you get paid! should have, it is extremely difficult to get your money back. This can then be achieved in most cases only in individual cases on an expensive court proceedings. It is therefore better not to pay.

Unfortunately it is not enough to simply ignore the request for payment. Rather, you should be active and contest the claim in the proper form. The requirement of Abofallenbetreiber is voidable for several reasons. So are z. B. Revocation rights and appeal rights available to defend himself against the claim.

If you also need help with the defense of such subscription trap, you may really like the office of Dr. Newerla contact. We already have several years experience in the successful defense of subscription traps and help you.

Please contact us. For a free initial consultation It would be helpful also if you could send the payment request by e-mail ( us in advance. Ask about our low flat-rate pricing for demand response.


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