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Technology stocks slide in pole position – Wall Street Journal Germany

Monday, September 1, 2014, 21:02 clock

The lights on European exchanges could soon jump back to green. Because with the European technology stocks are now already the potential driving forces for the next bull phase ready. Impeller of the courses is primarily the so-called Internet of Things. The triggered by him next stage of the Industrial Revolution should completely change their professional and private life.

So the chances are good that the upturn of the Stoxx technology index even faster. While the main European stock index Euro Stoxx 50 still remains in its consolidation, the industry index of technology stocks has broken to a new high for the year.

tailwind comes to one of the Nasdaq Composite in the United States. The index of U.S. technology stocks is already working on the fall of the millennium. Up to its all-time high of over 5,000 points the index only thing missing is an increase of 12 percent. When European Stoxx Technology contrast, it is up to the record high for about 75 percent, with individual indices such as the German TecDax even 80 percent. In the United States heavyweights such as Apple always run on new highs, which also helps the Index.

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But now could soon the hour of the European sector index hit. The profits of the companies in the technology index should rise by about 20 percent this year and thus faster than in any other industry.

By far the largest single title is currently SAP with an index weight of almost 25 percent. The course has now been eighteen months depends on the level of 60 Euro. If the course leave this area up, the SAP could share the Stoxx technology index drive as Apple the Nasdaq Composite. The outbreak of the Stoxx technology index to new highs for the year is currently supported by only five of the 23 individual titles. These are ASML, the software company Dassault, Ericsson, <-! Article chiclet modules -> Ingenico ING.FR +1.87% Ingenico SA France: Paris 75.69 +1.39 +1.87% 03 September 2014 17:35 volume (. delayed 15 min): 131371 KGV 29.34 Market capitalization € 4.05 billion dividend yield 0 , 92% sales / employee € 304 170 <- row 5 -> <- Portfolio -> <- end of data tooltip contents -> and <-! article chiclet modules -> Nokia. NOK1V.HE + 1.02% Nokia Corp <-.! row 1 ->> Finland: Helsinki 6.46 +0.07 +1.02% 03 September 2014 18: 29 volume (15 min. delayed).! 17600000 <- row 3 ->> KGV 10.95 market capitalization 23,950,000,000 € dividend yield 4.02% sales / employee € 266 889 <- row 5 -> <- Portfolio ->

Increasing dollar strength based technology company

For the European technology stocks currently speaks the currency environment . Many have a high proportion of business in the United States or in the dollar area as a whole. The euro to dollar strength Increasing rising greenback now improved their competitiveness and helps sales and profits upwards.

In addition, the so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0 with the Internet of Things driven markets worldwide. The autonomous driving car, even controlling home appliances or heating systems and robotic nurses are just a few examples of changes that are coming with the new technology thrust on work and leisure. More or less almost all production processes are expected to soon control autonomously.

While the major indexes in the technology sector are partly still well below the records from the year 2000 the market capitalization of all technology stocks has the highest level so far in 2000 but now already exceeded. Investments walk again and sales are growing steadily.

And unlike 2000, many technology company currently earning good money. The price-earnings ratio in the Stoxx technology index is according to analysts in the coming year to just under 18 fall of almost 22 in the current year.

Germany particularly well positioned

Nevertheless the future because of the challenges is again relatively open, according to a study by Merrill Lynch. Although the house gives some selected companies such as <-! Article chiclet modules -> Google GOOGL +0.15% Google Inc. Cl A US: Nasdaq <- up, down, neutral -> $ 589.52 +0.89 + 0.15% 03 September 2014 16:00 volume (15 min. delayed ): 1570000 “t-exch”> After Hours $ 589.50 -0.02 -0.00 % 03 September 2014 19:58 volume (15 min. delayed): 11,277 KGV 29.95 Market capitalization 394 320 000 000 $ dividend yield N / A sales / employee $ 1,321,030 <- canvas art -> <- Portfolio -> <- end of data tooltip contents -> very good chance one. But potentially are more or less all companies affected by the upheaval by the new industrial revolution, they say. Software revenue will increase almost fourfold solely by the Internet of Things $ 10 billion last year to $ 36 billion in 2017. In addition, will the data analysis increasingly important, but also the server business of hardware manufacturers, the so-called e-commerce and control over the smartphones and apps that implement, for example, in car camera images and Telematic pulses in the driving.

<-! article chiclet modules -> German bank DBK.XE +2.34% German Bank AG <- row 1 -> Germany: Xetra 26.66 +0.61 +2.34% 03 September 2014 17:35 volume (. delayed 15 min): 11150000 KGV N / A Market capitalization 35,920,000,000 € dividend yield 2.81 % sales / employee € 420 767 <- canvas art -> <- Portfolio -> <- end of data tooltip contents -> refers particularly to the favorable situation of Germany. It speaks of “Hidden Champion”, the “factory supplier of the world and world market leader for special solutions”. German companies from the automotive and mechanical engineering apply automation technology to be particularly well positioned. While this shows that the influences of the Internet 4.0 goes far beyond mere technology area. “However, the technology sector remains the producer and ultimately the beneficiary of the Internet of things,” says Merrill Lynch.

Some scenarios do, however, thoughtfully, as the vision of a bio-chips, which cures the human brain directly to the Internet. Although experts like the archaeologist and author Ian Morris expect – if the scenario this’ humane chips “should become a reality at some point – that multiplies the wealth of mankind by accessing all knowledge. On the other hand, could then also monitoring and external control scenarios such as in “Brave New World” have been far exceeded. But one also illustrates this scenario: The Fantasy in technology currently surpasses all limits

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