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BUSINESS WIRE: Boom in Relationship Identity Forge technology can rock … – Finanztreff


Forge Rock customers already manage half a billion identities with the single open, scalable, unified IRM platform on the Market

BRISTOL, England – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 05/09/2014 –

Forge rock, the leading provider of solutions for the Identity Relationship Management (IRM), reported an increasing demand for customer-centric identity technology. Forge rock itself increased its sales in the period between the first half of 2013 and the first half of 2014 by about 200 percent. With the introduction of many online services companies need to adapt their identity management in a very short time, thus the need for solutions for identity management can massively grow. Many organization in the world are already using Forge Rocks Open Identity stack for the management of more than half a billion users, devices and things, including the ZDF, the Desy in Hamburg and Wirecard AG.

Given rising investments in identity solutions as IRM has experienced annual growth of over 100% Forge rock since its inception in 2010. This includes revenue growth of 186% in the second quarter of 2014 compared to the second quarter of 2013 and revenue growth of 200% in the first half of 2014, according to a recently conducted Gartner study include many CEOs “growth” to their top three priorities and invest massive to achieve this goal. Therefore, CEOs under pressure to develop a digital strategy. IDC predicts that the cloud, mobile and IoT market, in which identity technology is essential, will grow by 2017 to around eight trillion dollars.

“The digital transformation changed customer behavior and forces companies to evaluate their technology investments to modernize and new customer engagement strategies, “said Mike Ellis, CEO of Forge skirt. “Forge Skirt Open Identity stack is the first IRM platform in the industry and plays a crucial role when it comes to allowing companies a unified view of customers as well as to provide insights about them. Thus, their integration is improved and the findings can be used to generate new revenue streams. “

acceleration of innovations

Forge Rock turns the employee-related, enterprise-wide identity management in a customer-oriented solution that is scalable to millions of end users. Forge rock paving the way with the only open, scalable, unified IRM platform on the market, enables identity management in really any field. Given the increasing number of companies that are in the digital transformation, Forge Skirt Open Identity stack is a key technology that provides a secure way a bridge between cloud, mobile and IoT offers. Last month Forge skirt announced a Serice C financing round totaling $ 30 million, which will help the company to accelerate its innovation in product development and strategically adjust executives, including the thought leader and visionary Eve painters, their extensive knowledge is used to advance customers innovations

Customer Quotes:.

“companies use the Pitney-Bowes-EngageOne platform to create customer communication in the digital age, deploy and manage. Forge skirt puts us in a position for our corporate customers a scalable platform for further personalization of interactions with customers and building long-term relationships that promote sales and brand loyalty provide. “Jay Bourland, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Customer Engagement Solutions Pitney Bowes Software.

“Our system integrator Smart421 introduced us to Forge rock carefully, as we wanted to modernize our systems for the Zugfahrkartenverkauf. Identity Relationship Management solution Forge skirt puts a huge improvement over Altlösungen for the Identity and Access Management (Identity and Access Management, IAM), which were not sufficiently scalable to support our revenue from the sale of rail tickets on the Internet and at ticket vending machines in the amount of 1.8 billion pounds per year.’s open Forge skirt platform connects to our cloud and provides flexibility for the future. Since the implementation, we understand our clients clearly and can introduce new services for this in no time. In today’s digital age Forge skirt helps us significantly in improving the customer engagement and increase revenue. “Brian Jones, Head of Programmes at the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC).

” Forge skirt gives us a flexible open source platform for Identity Relationship Management at hand, which is adaptable to the digital journey of our more than one million end users in all 50 states and regions. The central view of the end customers allows us to work better together as a company to understand customers and increase revenue growth. Composite services, adaptive authentication, OAuth, single sign-on and other functions of the Forge rock platform puts us in a position to quickly develop and deploy new, revenue-services. . “Karl Richards, Executive Vice President of Business Technology Services, Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC)

” The focus of each company is on how it can better influence its interactions with customers – in a safe manner . Providers of traditional IAM solutions fail in their one-dimensional approach, where the focus is on the challenge of yesterday – the staff behind the perimeter – is. The protection of employees is still necessary, but identity solutions for companies that offer high added value, encourage intelligent interactions and conversations that companies stand out from their competitors. Companies must rely on a customer’s identity solution from a single source to be effective in the digital world. Forge Rock is clearly the leader in innovation, to the business value for its customers in identity solutions for companies providing this level. The market responds to this innovation from Forge skirt, so you can achieve with this team every quarter of triple-digit growth. “Scott McNealy, Forge rock Advisor, Chairman of Wayin, founder of Curriki and former Chairman / CEO of Sun Microsystems


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Forge skirt

Forge Skirt ®, the world’s fastest growing provider of solutions for Identity Relationship Management (IRM), provides secure relationships in today’s Internet.

The Open Identity Stack of Forge Rock is aimed at companies that generate more revenue thanks to the use of online identities, expand their reach and implement new business models. The Open Identity Stack is the driving force behind many solutions for global corporations and government agencies. Forge skirt was founded in 2010, the leadership of the company with well-known pioneers of the open-source movement has combined over 80 years of experience in the software industry. These investors include two of the world’s leading venture capitalists, Accel Partners, Foundation Capital and Meritech Capital. More information and free downloads are available on or at Forge rock on Twitter at

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