Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weak Power: Battery Watch the Apple keeps only one day – Business Week

Apple now confirmed what many critics have previously feared: The battery of the new SmartWatch keeps only by one day.

Back in the days before the product presentation on Tuesday night was fierce in the Internet have been speculating about the battery life of the new Smart Watch from Apple. Thus, the Group’s employees had already said beforehand, “do not want to wake up to high expectations”, as the term of the clock will probably not even reach 24 hours. . Going from a report of the American technology side “The Information” shows

Apple has these rumors now confirmed: Nat Kerris, the Group spokeswoman, said U.S. tech side “Re / code”: “We expect that the people they are going to charge every night.” That’s why we also have a “innovative charging solution developed” that combine a magnetic adapter and induction technology together


Few products have so much in common with Apple devices such as those of the German manufacturer Braun. A glance at the watch gives an outlook on the computer clock from Cupertino.

The US company itself should also be dissatisfied with the short battery life and will work quickly to find a solution. Until the watch start of 2015 is officially launched, the battery life is to be optimized, another employee promised against “Re / code”.

Other Computer watches have similar features

About four years after the introduction of iPads Apple will revolutionize an industry again. The SmartWatch CEO Tim Cook presented not only a new product, but made it clear that he is pursuing the ambitious goal to make the computer useful to the wrist.

Whether the Apple Watch, however, lands the big breakthrough is unclear. Computer clocks are now many on the market. The great rival Samsung surged a year ago before with a modern model. At IFA in Berlin this week, the South Koreans showed their first version with built-in wireless chip. In addition, there were new models from LG, Sony, Motorola to see

At first glance, these watches have similar features like Apple Watch:.. Calls, dictate messages, collect fitness data


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