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Vattenfall exit from CCS technology: see Greens and the Left in Saxony … – Leipziger Internet newspaper

Ralf Julke


The coal power plant lip Village - Viewed from Markkleeberger lake.

The coal power plant lip village – seen from the trails and hiking trails from

Photo: Ralf Julke

 It simply is not profitable, so easy to compress carbon dioxide into the ground to prevent it from entering the atmosphere. So it looks now, the energy group Vattenfall and has announced the reduction of its test system for the separation of carbon dioxide at the Schwarze Pumpe. As the test project began, it would have even expected. As was to be expected with higher prices for CO2 emissions.

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But against the shortage of certificates and the associated rise in prices had gone through some parties also from Germany successfully lobby policy. Result: The prices for emission certificates are in the basement. CCS would not even be profitable if the technology would be ready for market

CCS stands for Carbon (Dioxide) Capture and Storage -., The elimination of carbon dioxide at power plants and its subsequent compression in the geological substratum. That there is hardly a suitable stable surface in Saxony, was also a problem that the engineers employed long. The Saxon policy, incidentally, also, would have gladly taken those provinces in the duty to have suitable geological formations, in which one could compress carbon dioxide. But these are mostly no lignite countries like Saxony and Brandenburg – the thing failed in the Bundesrat.

For the energy policy spokesman of the Alliance 90 / The Greens in the Saxon parliament, Gerd Lippold, the Vattenfall decision was not something new.

“This decision is not a surprise, even if Vattenfall test operation of the CCS plant in Schwarze Pumpe in the past wanted to sell as a success again and again. Already in May 2014, Vattenfall in it for capture and storage of harmful CO2 had adopted largely from research on CCS, goes in the ground at the same time represented the CEO of Vattenfall Europe Mining &. generations, Hartmuth Zeiss, but still the opinion of a new lignite-fired power plant must CCS have and for that you still have a time frame of five to ten years, “he recaps the latest developments. “The current CDU has to give up their dreams of saving technological solutions for their lignite strategy finally. All hopes, so that without a fundamental change in strategy still be able to control climate change targets have failed. Either Saxony increases over the medium actively and independently from from brown coal, or Saxony is operator and environment from the lignite dropped out. ”

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The coal power plant lip village - from trails and hiking trails of view.

The coal power plant lip village – seen from the trails and hiking trails from

Photo: Ralf Julke

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In the past week, the Saxon left has urged to think about the event that Vattenfall might soon completely phase out lignite mining and lignite conversion. For just were in Sweden choices significantly altered the balance of power there. “Two-thirds of Swedes have spoken before the election last Sunday for a withdrawal of their State Group from Germany and especially from the Lausitz region,” said Dr. Jana to Pinka, a board member of the Left, firmly. “Is now open as an eco moved coalition government implements the ‘exit’ is the opaque firms tangle sold or should it be ‘settled’ in a different way, both options promised for the region in the short term hardly good.? -. Because alternatives are not”

Similar see also the Greens the State energy policy in the impasse.

“coalition negotiations with the CDU did not become possible mainly because the CDU in Saxony in energy policy their eyes to the realities of 2014, unfortunately, still firmly closes, “says Gerd Lippold fixed. “Well proclaimed Vattenfall, the technology had not been successful. According to the own Vattenfall logic are thus also dreams of new lignite power plants burst. CCS, although procedurally in principle feasible, economically clearly failed. The enormous cost reduction successes of renewable energies have the framework in changed the energy faster than it took a CCS pilot phase through to the end. ”

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was CCS test plant of Vattenfall at Schwarze Pumpe went into operation six years ago. The Saxon State Government and the company praised the pilot plant in the meantime to the skies and made a development to series production in view.

“Those who want to commit the continued existence of lignite in the age of global climate protection efforts and rapidly growing market shares of renewable energies, set their hopes mainly on engineering solutions. Their main argument that the lignite also burn without environmental destruction, a huge piece is now obviously become far more unrealistic, “Lippold now moves the balance sheet. “The correct answer is usually the one that is easiest. The simplest solution to avoid the immense damage caused by coal is the gradual phasing out of coal. Rather than put many millions of euros in a hopeless attempt to circumvent this simple solution, Vattenfall should the money future proof in invest the sustainable energy supply of tomorrow, which has become cost-competitive and feasible. ”

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