Monday, September 29, 2014

Clever advertising: Universal uses MirriAd technology “Native in Video Advertising” – Music Marketplace

Los Angeles / London – To accommodate advertising less annoying in music videos has, the Universal Music Group in cooperation with the advertising group Havas cooperation with MirriAd decided that developed the “Native in Video Advertising” (NIVA).

Hardly anyone looks like commercials. For this reason, companies must now find innovative tools to present their products to the end user. This is true for the music industry as for any other industry. Universal Music has therefore decided to work with MirriAd. Their technology opens up completely new possibilities for product placement company. NIVA can make objects in moving images to digital billboards.

This technique originates from the Special Effect section and was even awarded an Oscar in 2013. Thanks to cookies, the advertising can even “on-the-fly” – ie immediately – be tailored to personal preferences of the audience in order to attract even more effectively. In addition NIVA provides a network of advertising on the increasingly popular “second screen” – the tablet or smartphone

Universal Music NIVA is mainly used in new music video.. The Havas advertising group represents clients such as LVMH (MoetHennessy.LuisVitton), Dish Network, LG and Coca-Cola, whose products are to be applied in selected music videos from Universal Music Group with the new technology. Monitored and evaluated scientifically is the project from research firm 18-Siliwood, a joint venture between Havas and Orange in Los Angeles.

Statement to the new cooperation with MirriAd

“Through innovative technologies like those of MirriAd and thanks to a partnership with a global agency like Havas, we are able to realize additional income for our artists and their music videos,” says Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group. “It is the highly flexible platform MirriAd that allows us to balance the interests between the creative and the brand-name companies. This allows us to continue to focus on our core business, namely to present the fans great music videos. “

” The partnership with MirriAd and UMG provides us with an innovative way, a meaningful connection between our clients’ brands and consumers to create, “says Yannick Bolloré, Chairman and CEO of Havas. “MirriAd allows us to create authentic and logical brand bonds within a context, for an audience that insatiable search for new content from the ridge to the Second Screen.”

“We are thrilled to be working with UMG and Havas. This helps us in the worldwide distribution of our brand, and also in the transition from broadcast to online video. We want to give viewers a better experience, “says Mark Popkiewicz, CEO of MirriAd. “We have the MirriAd platform designed with the producers of video content, so that the process of creation and acceptance of campaigns with all stakeholders can run smoothly.”

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