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Edwards lectures for the production of 450-mm wafer and integrated Sub-Fab supply solutions at SEMICON Europe in October.

CRAWLEY, England – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 09/08/2014 –

Edwards Limited provides presentations on emerging technologies for the “Sub-Fab” area at SEMICON ® Europe, which takes place from 7 to 9 October 2014 in Grenoble (France).

Mike Czerniak, Product Marketing Manager for Exhaust Gas Management at Edwards, holds a paper entitled “Innovations 450mm and Synergies for Smaller Diameters” (Innovation in 450-mm wafer and synergies for smaller diameters), in which the consequences of new procedures for emission control and the options to address these challenges are discussed.

Steve Cottle, Senior Product Manager at Edwards Integrated Systems, speaks in the tech arena about “Integrated Sub-fab Equipment Solutions – the Key to Manufacturing Peace of Mind” (Integrated Sub Fab Equipment Solutions – The key to establishing a clear conscience). Cottle discusses how integrated exhaust waste management solutions improve the processes operating in the sub-fab area and can reduce the overall cost of large production.

“Cost-effective, high-volume production of 450-mm wafer and from 10 to 7 nm components is connected with the introduction of new materials and processes and it then creates new challenges for our customers. Over the many years that we operate in the semiconductor industry, we have acquired a solid understanding of manufacturing processes and associated Best Sub-Fab practices. We use this knowledge to develop innovative solutions every day to create the next round of problems remedy. These lectures and presentations will provide insight into some of the latest solutions to our F & E engineers for some time deal, “said Ralph Loske, European Sales Director at Edwards

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Edwards is a leader in developing and manufacturing technologically advanced vacuum products, waste gas disposal systems and related value-added services. This is to execute integrated solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells. These are used in an increasingly wide range of industrial processes, eg. Example in the energy sector, in the glass coating and other coating applications in the steel and other metal industry, in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in scientific instruments and broad research and development applications.

Edwards employs more than 4,000 people worldwide in the development, manufacture and sales service for Hochtechnologievakuum- and waste gas abatement systems. Edwards operates state of the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and North America.

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