Thursday, September 4, 2014

Trends of the radio show: all completely smart – Handelsblatt

Berlin When the Ifa still called IFA, it was about color TV, remote control and flat screen monitors. Today it is the trade name for the international audience only Ifa – and it’s there for all devices which are compatible somehow: Smartphones, Tablets and Smart Watches, but also washing machines, which can be controlled remotely. “The Internet of the contract is now a key purchase criterion,” says Timm Hoffmann of high-tech industry association Bitkom.

The exhibition illustrates the media change, which is happening now: “The television is losing its monopoly, other devices are gaining in importance,” says Bitkom expert Hoffmann. With the smartphone everyone has a screen in your pocket, thanks to Youtube, max cathedrals and libraries are the movies and tv shows always there. “Consumers can see their content anytime anywhere,” says Hoffmann. The classic television, yet also always a big topic at the IFA, will always be less important with time. Even the music industry inside out streaming to

From smart phones to smart home, from the TV to the toothbrush. Most important trends at the fair at a glance

The Ifa can not deny their origins, TV are still a big issue. In the truest sense of the word: The screens are getting bigger. Cats videos from Youtube and the “crime scene” you can watch on your tablet – an added value to offer, like the producers make the living room into a home cinema. This should help, called Ultra-HD or 4K also the ultra high resolution. What looks impressive at the booth, could disappoint at home, however: There is little content in high resolution

As another selling point lead Samsung, LG and more recently, Loewe curved screens into the field – the slight curvature so. my the manufacturer, sorrow for a better viewing angle and draw the viewer into the picture more. First reactions to it, however, are mixed. Whether the curvature which brings, is probably in the eye of the beholder

smartphones and Tablets are for many users already indispensable companion -., And they now provide for more revenue than television. It is no wonder that the Ifa has become half a wireless trade show. So, Samsung introduced on Wednesday before the Galaxy Note 4, the new version of its giant smartphones before. Sony uses rumored the stage to present the new flagship model Xperia 3, possibly even a waterproof tablet. And Microsoft apparently wants to show new Lumia smartphones.


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