Saturday, September 27, 2014

Growing Importance: More money for industry 4.0 – Handelsblatt

Dusseldorf A sum of 10.9 billion euros quantify the Munich market researchers Experton Group as potential for the German economy in respect to industry 4.0. Concretely, “the necessary products and services” of information and communication technology meant 2020. According to Experton more and more companies realize the importance of industry 4.0.

The market researcher based inter alia on a study by Bitkom (Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and new media), Berlin. The industry association expects the digitization in major industries in Germany will cause up to 2025 an annual average increase of 1.7 per cent of gross value added.

Industry 4.0

  • The fourth industrial revolution

    Many see the networking of the factory as the fourth industrial revolution – after the mechanization with hydroelectric and steam engines, of labor mass production on assembly lines and introduction of electronics and IT

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  • Different terms

    For the networking of the production, the term industry is often used 4.0 – Hannover Messe make the concept a few years ago popular. Experts speak of cyber physical systems, ie in which physical and virtual world merge. If objects are linked, is also from the Internet of Things, the speech – this applies not only for plants but also for cars or houses

  • Industry buys more and more IT

    Because industrial production and IT are merging more and more, the industry is an important customer for the IT industry: She is wearing now about one fifth of the sales at how the industry association Bitkom tells. Since it is not surprising that the organization on the industrial fair is present

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    Funded by the federal government

    The policy is measured the theme great importance to the federal government considers industry 4.0 in its High-Tech Strategy as a “future project”. Good for business and science: This includes a funding of 200 million euros

  • Many open questions

    The breakthrough industry-4.0 technology is however still pending. Not least because many questions remain unanswered. Which standards apply? Which communication networks are needed? As it is with the safety of the plants?

If you believe Experton to IT decision makers can for Industry 4.0 benefiting from high budgets: From 2013 to 2020, the analysts maintain an annual increase of 35 percent in this area possible. In numbers: Fin 2013 or 316 million euros in IT budgets in conjunction with Industry 4.0, it

Expertons own data will be 2020 more than 2.6 billion indicate that not only core sectors such as manufacturing /. mechanical engineering, automotive / suppliers, chemical / pharmaceutical and electronics industries in terms of digitization are active. Above was not a pure industrial theme, emphasize the market researchers. They expect that, for example, also digitize agriculture, logistics and healthcare.

The analysts have viewed also as the budget will be distributed in the future. Your prediction: In 2015, companies give particularly for services related to system integration money, Experton estimates the total to 131 million euros. 111 million will be invested in Managed Services / Outsourcing and nearly 105 million in consulting.


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