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New Electric Mobility Index: Germany leading technology nation – ecomento.tv

Germany takes over the new index electromobility of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in indicator technology due to new vehicle models the lead. The indicator market the USA and Japan close to France, while Japan and the United States extend their lead on the rest of the automotive Nations continue in the indicator industry.

in all markets with the exception of Italy, the model range is growing electrical and Hybrid cars continuously. Plug-in hybrids take it, among other things, due to the relevance of new CO2 limits, an increasingly important position in the electrification strategy by vendors a

indicator technology. Germany leader

In Indicator Technology Germany takes over the leading competitive position in the index electromobility Q3 / 2014. This development is mainly the introduction of plug-in hybrids in the upper vehicle segment, which further shifts the fleet mix toward technological value vehicles.

“That the German electric cars have come later on the road, ie not that manufacturers lagging behind in development, “Roland Berger car expert Wolfgang Bernhart said in an interview with the Magager Magazine . “Some people wait a little longer until they have such a mature vehicle that it is their own high standards. In general, the Germans are in the battery cars to date. “

With successful launch of the Kia Soul EV Korea has timely first full-fledged mass-produced electric cars in the market. However, Korea is in terms of their technical performance slightly behind the originally announced performance levels back and therefore falls slightly in the review. While Japan still claims the third place because of the favorable price-performance ratio, closes on France for leading trio. This is mainly due to the increasing shift away from heavily on small vehicles (such as the Renault Twizy) oriented model policy.

support programs run from

In relation to public promotion of electric mobility remains the extent of the funds made available, although in most countries constant. However, the already discernible trend in Japan of a non-renewal of direct funding is also emerging outside Japan. So the government programs approach in almost all the countries the end of their term, while the introduction of new programs is absent so far

Area Industry:. USA and Japan hand in hand close

The USA in the industrial sector continues to Japan, this trend (especially Nissan LEAF) supported in part indirectly by the localization of Japanese electric cars in the United States. In the same part of Japan directly benefited from continued strong sales of American electric cars with cells from Japanese manufacturing (especially Tesla Model S). Both countries thus remain unchanged, the world’s most important production sites in the field of electric mobility.

In terms of the national production of electric cars in particular Germany and France lose in production volumes compared to the front runners. The concentration of sales of plug-in hybrids and electric cars to markets in the USA and Japan, and which tend to lower demand for solid models attenuates the production forecasts for the corresponding vehicles of European manufacturers, even if they have in the home markets a large market relevance.

cell production is concentrated in Asia

In cell production, the production remains strong focus on Asia. Compared to the last edition of the Index electromobility China attaches much to the share of the global cell production. Strong sales growth hit here because of the use of lithium iron phosphate (which has a relatively low energy density) and a high proportion of pure electric vehicles doubly valuable. That Europe will participate to a significant extent on the global cell production, further remains unlikely.

At the same time on the current observation period also, in the wake of the increasing coverage of the American battery demand from local factories (such as Tesla Gigafactory) medium term rise of the United States in the indicator industry probably.

“manufacturer which mainly sell cars with internal combustion engines have many advantages as they relate cells of the large suppliers. There they benefit from intensive competition “said Bernhardt in the Manager Magazine interview. “Who is only on battery cars and also special batteries needed as Tesla, has probably benefits with its own production – but also at higher risk.”

indicator market: Positive Development

The indicator market, the sales numbers of electric and plug-in-Hybriautos in all markets except France to develop positively. France has, despite the slight decline in sales continued to the highest proportion of electric vehicles in total activity, and thus retains the top position. The United States and Japan put the electric car sales to each by almost twenty percent and so close to France. In Germany, sales of electric and plug-in hybrid cars is growing by almost 40 percent; Germany moves thus closer to the leading nations. The strongest growth was recorded China (compared to the last observation period, sales have almost doubled here)

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