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For the first time in 17 years: cosmonaut flies into space – Business Week

The German astronaut Alexander Gerst gets female enhancement. For the first time in 17 years with a cosmonaut Yelena Serova again in the universe. The 38-year-old is the first Russian on the ISS.

The first cosmonaut, the Russian Yelena Serova from the spaceport in Baikonur is launched to the International Space Station ISS – and two other astronauts. The spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-14m” picked on Thursday evening punctually at 22.25 clock EDT from the Baikonur in Kazakh steppe on how the flight line announced. A little later the capsule entered the space. The 38-year-old Serova is the first Russian woman for 17 years in space. After only six hour flight, the Soyuz should dock on Friday morning at 4.25 clock CEST on the space station.

disasters in manned Space

  • High hopes

    The Human spaceflight was always associated with high hopes, but their history is marred by some terrible disasters.

  • 22nd March 1961

    Shortly before the First Russian space flight cosmonaut Valentin Bondarenko comes in a pub in an isolation chamber of the Moscow Institute for Space Medicine killed. . A soaked with alcohol cotton ball had ignited and set the filled with pure oxygen chamber in fire

  • 27th January 1967

    For a soil test of the U.S. space capsule Apollo 1 at the launch site Cape Canaveral (Florida) burn three American astronauts. A spark had the capsule set on fire

  • .

  • 24th April 1967

    The Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov crashed after returning from space with his Soyuz 1 on earth. The parachute system had failed

  • .
    29th June 1971

    The three-man crew of the Soviet Soyuz 11 spacecraft is found dead in their capsule when returning from the Salyut space station. . During the landing, the pressure equalization of the capsule had failed

  • 18th March 1980

    A Vostok-2M rocket explodes during refueling directly on the launch pad of the Russian Plesetsk spaceport. . 48 people die

  • 28th January 1986

    Only 73 seconds after launch the space shuttle Challenger explodes and crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. All seven astronauts are killed. Cause of the accident: a faulty seal between segments of a drive rocket

  • 15.. February 1996

    A Chinese rocket type CZ-3 comes from shortly after the start of the course and crashes into a village. During the explosion, according to official reports, six people die, unofficial sources say up to 500 dead.

  • first February 2003

    The Space Shuttle Columbia breaks up in Earth’s atmosphere during re-entry. All seven astronauts on board die. Cause of disaster: When starting a piece of foam was torn from the outer tank and had damaged the heat insulation of the space shuttle

  • 22nd August 2003

    A Brazilian VLS launch vehicle of the type-1 explodes on the launch pad of the space station Alcantara in northern Brazil. 21 people die.

The mission of the team with Serova, the Russians Alexander Samokutjajew and U.S. astronauts Barry Wilmore will last a total of 168 days. During this time, several outdoor use as well as hundreds of experiments are planned, including medical, Serova said. With the arrival of Soyuz ISS regains its full strength of six astronauts. Among them is the German Alexander Gerst. The three new ISS members have initiated this time also two stuffed animals – an Amur tiger and Far Eastern leopard – the outpost of humanity. The mascot “Mur” and the leopard shall draw attention to the threat in Russia animal species, such as the head of the cosmonaut center, Yuri Lonchakov, said before the start.

The new crew also spends Christmas and New Year in the universe. “Of course we organize a celebration – as far as this is possible under the conditions,” said Serova. She is only the fourth ever cosmonaut and the first Russian woman to the ISS. The first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova was the Soviet citizen on June 16, 1963 She is sitting today as members of the ruling United Russia party in parliament in Moscow. The cosmonaut Serova have garments in 15 colors with their initials here, said head of the Russian company Kentawr-Nauka, Alexander Jarow, on Thursday, the Interfax news agency. For hygiene all used on the ISS wet wipes, since there is no shower. Jarow said that the British singer Sarah Brightman (54) will start in February 2015 expected for a fitting at the clothing company. She travels as a space tourist in September 2015 to the ISS.


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