Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Net 2018 converted to IP technology: Telekom announces old connections – Westfalen-Blatt

The Telekom is proceeding as local area network. For this purpose, the terminal owner will be written at the end of the contract period – up to four times. “We ask the customer to switch to a new contract,” says spokesman André Hofmann. Rejects the customer, the Telekom was forced to resign. “The process is coordinated with the Consumer and the Federal Network Agency.”

For clients an IP connection is usually a little cheaper than a comparable pre-existing contract. May require a new router could be necessary. Customers using a pure telephone connection would switch to IP telephony without the chores would be necessary.

So far, use 3.5 million telecom customers an IP connection. The few weeks before encountered telephony problems are resolved.


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