Saturday, September 6, 2014

Technology: IFA-visions: The house of the future is completely networked – Ruhrnachrichten

Samsung sees networked, modular homes as a solution for the growing population in cities. At the electronics show IFA in Berlin drew Samsung chief PK Yoon, the future vision of a dwelling in which you can relocate walls flexibly and automatically takes over with the help of sensors many tasks for their residents. “Technology has in the lives of the people fit, sense their needs and fulfill,” Yoon said. “The technology that we see today in our home, is just the beginning.”

Apps control the washing machine

the IFA also present home appliance manufacturers such as Bosch, Siemens and Miele their ideas for ovens and washing machines that can be controlled via apps. The precise control of heating is an issue.

Samsung provides a home before, that can be converted from the workplace to the bedroom. Intelligent software to analyze information from sensors and provide energy saving tips or remember taking medication. The South Korean company working to develop common standards, Yoon said. These are still lacking, so that can not yet be household appliances from different manufacturers combine well. Appliances from Bosch and Siemens can already use reciprocally, the European industry thinks about common standards after.

IFA opened their doors to visitors on Friday. At six days show 1538 Exhibitors from home and abroad, products and services from the electronics industry . Many companies presented their new products already on the two previous days before media representatives. The IFA looks traditionally as stage for new products before the important holiday shopping season.

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