Sunday, September 14, 2014

“Despite the NSA affair is just a U.S. company sets for a … – Ad-Hoc-News (press release)

New Technology: An Internet cloud for Europe

Despite the NSA affair consists precisely a US-based company for a European data space one. She wants to provide the technology to allow data transfers within Europe do not exceed the boundaries of Europe.

For more news from this The US-based Hewlett-Packard makes for a European data space greatly. The data should not leave so the European space. Read more … writes: For workgroup were no questions about the actions of the NSA allowed – EU countries also benefit from monitoring more … writes: Böblingen ( dpa) – The U.S. computer maker Hewlett-Packard wants to work for a common European space data. “We advocate a European Cloud one,” said HP-Germany boss Heiko Meyer dpa. Read more …

Communication of In his comment is still “These threats, if a company not spurt as it would like the government, have been successfully used without exception for other technology companies. ” You however want to justify why Apple allegedly not interesting enough for the NSA would, what is complete nonsense, because you have specified here. Otherwise, terrorists would indeed only rely on Apple and would be safe) way too easy more …

Communication of evening newspaper The U.S. Government has the Internet company Yahoo in 2008 with a multimillion dollar penalty forced en masse to give user data to the intelligence agencies. Read more …


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